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North Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- When considering the sale or purchase of a house, an often-forgotten but completely imperative area to check is the backyard. Not necessarily the grass type or the hedge work but rather, what is lying underneath the foliage in the ground. Under all that beautiful oxygen-creating plant-life is something which is threatening their existence: an underground oil tank. These oil tanks, which were at one point utilized by families all around, are now reservoirs for environmental destruction. They have remained under the ground in a cool environment, causing their sides to condense with water and corrode them, creating a type of underground acid rain, killing and poisoning the plants and ground around them.

For this reason, homeowners are now required to have them removed before the sale of a property to new owners. However, since they are difficult to see from the ground level save for a few minor "tells," there are some who would remove the visual evidence and sell the property, tank intact. For that reason, homebuyers should as well be on the lookout for these tanks and ask if the existence of one is known. The house should not be purchased until tank removal is complete because eventually, the new homeowner is going to have to be the one to pay for its removal before they can try to sell the property again, and that ought not to be their burden or concern. If a tank is discovered, there is one company who knows just what to do.

CERC oil tank removal services ( ) know every single step of the oil tank removal ( ) process. If a family were to try to remove the tank on their own, they would have to jump through all sorts of legal hoops to ensure they were doing it correctly and filing all the necessary paperwork as well as having to deal with all manners of environmental hazard prevention. It would be a long and arduous, stressful process, and they might still miss something important and have negative legal implications because of it.

CERC oil tank removal in North Vancouver ( ) seeks to minimize this stress to the highest degree possible because they have done it all before so many times that the lanes of navigation have become second nature to them. They can make sure that the family with the oil tank have the proper licenses, all the paperwork completed the headers to the footers, and all steps of environment protection taken. Working with them will make life so much easier, knowing that they have everything taken care of.

CERC also provides full liability and WCB coverage, making even the most anxious minds easy. If the presence of an oil tank is unknown (this is an important note for both buyers and sellers of homes), CERC provides free estimates with no obligation to continue. In this way, they can check out the site and let the questioner know whether there is or is not an oil tank present and how much it will cost to remove it from the area.

For all oil tank removal ( ) needs, CERC is the safe place to call.

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