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Cereal Bars Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- A cereal bar is made up of nuts, oats, sugar, dry fruits, flour, honey, wheat, corn and puffed rice, and rolled in a bar shape. Cereal bars have been originally perceived as an on-the-go breakfast snack item. Cereal bar is also a healthier alternative of chocolate and other snack item. Cereal bar contains high fiber, high protein, low carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, low sodium and antioxidants. Various flavors of cereal bar including chocolate, peanut butter, banana, caramel, banana, honey and strawberry.

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Generally people consume cereal bar as a snacks, between meals and this trends is gaining popularity more among the kids and adult. Growth in such trends further helps to boost the cereal bar market in forecasted period. Cereal bar provide a convenient, varied and inexpensive source of nutrition, which helping to build a billion dollar global industry. Global cereal bar market is segmented into three categories: energy nutrition bar, snack bar, and other cereal bar.

Changes in lifestyles along with rise in disposable income level further helps to increase the global cereal bar market. Increase in the health- conscious population act as one of key driver for global cereal bar market. Nowadays, people are more concerned towards the nutritional value of the food they eat and cereal bars are the perfect choice for people who want healthy ready to eat food. Cereal bar is generally sold through various grocery wholesalers, retail stores and food service providers. Growth in total number of such store helps in the growth of global cereal bar market.

Global brand such as Kellogg Co, Nestle SA and Quaker Oats Co offers most innovative cereal bar in the market with emphasis on latest innovation in products with better quality. Kellogg Co alone holds one third market share in global cereal bar market. Due to growing focus on the benefits of a healthy diet, many cereal bar manufacturers are producing more specialty products. Growing investment over research and development to introduce new product further helps in the growth of global cereal bar market.

Asia Pacific is one of the prominent markets for cereal bar market. Rising economy and growing household income are some of the key factor which further triggers the cereal bar in Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific is expected to witness fastest growing market for cereal bar during forecasted period. China and India is the two major countries in Asia pacific region which holds the highest share in cereal bar market. Growth in middle-class population who often consume cereal bar is expected to have a positive impact on the demand for cereal bars in these countries. Growing large base of health conscious population leads to boost the cereal bar market in Asia Pacific region. In North America, the U.S. holds the largest market share of cereal bar market. The global cereal bar market is expected to grow in a single digit growth rate during forecasted period 2014- 2020.

Some of the major companies operating in global cereal bar market are General Mills Inc., Kellogg Co, Nestle SA, Quaker Oats Co, Atkins Nutritionals, Clif Bar, General Mills, Kashi, Mars, MCKee Foods, Naturell India and Pharmavite.

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