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CERG 2.0 PAC Announces Candidate Endorsements

Coalition for Equitable Representation in Government Lists Candidates that Best Reflect Interests and Mission of the Community


Sandy Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2018 -- CERG 2.0 PAC endorses these candidates to represent Montgomery County, Maryland in the upcoming election:

County Executive – Rose Krasnow
County Council at Large - Gabe Albornoz, Hoan Dang, Will Jawando, Hans Reimer
District 2 – Craig Rice

CERG 2.0's believes these candidates will continue its mission to support underrepresented parties through local elections. They believe the resulting elections of these candidates will lead to lasting positive impact for the local community. CERG 2.0 continuously seeks out and supports candidates that continue to reflect the interests of minority groups and people of color. They believe the individuals listed will be pivotal going forward to ensure a lasting coalition of support exists in all levels of government to promote the change needed in the surrounding community. "With upcoming elections, we believe that it is imperative to inform the community the potential for lasting change. These elections are vital for establishing officials that will provide a loud voice for the interests of our community. CERG 2.0 knows that by promoting the election of these officials, we can begin to see the progress we have been waiting for," says Eric Bailey, CERG Board Chair.

CERG 2.0 PAC continues to seek out members for support. This is done by joining the organization and making donations to further the organization's mission. Priorities include voter education and voter registration. Members in the community can find a wealth of information including how registering to vote effects voting, how it increases access to elected officials, and how it allows the people more influence in decisions affecting the community. The more people who register to vote, the more influence CERG 2.0 PAC will have during local and state elections and the greater chance for positive, lasting change for everyone in the county.

CERG supports and promotes the empowerment and participation of African Americans and members of other underrepresented communities of color in the political process. They do this by advocating for five specific priorities, raising funds, and making contributions to support the electing of officials and candidates for state and local officials in Montgomery County and Maryland. Their priority areas are political action, economic development, education, criminal justice reform, and health disparities.

For more information on CERG 2.0 PAC, visit their website at and find out how you can take the steps forward to making lasting, positive changes in your community. CERG 2.0 PAC can be reached at 301-326-6903 or emailed at

CERG 2.0 PAC is not authorized by any individual candidate, campaign, or political party.