Certification Program Teaches Students How to Detox and Detox Others


Woodbridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- ANHS or the Academy for Natural Health Sciences offers 100-hour Detoxification Specialist online certification course. The certification program is designed to teach students both theories and practical applications of detox, which helps individuals obtain better health. The professional training aims to allow individuals learn how to detox and detox others. ANHS detoxification specialists aim to prepare individuals to be a detoxification consultant. The online certification program is designed for personal trainers, massage therapists, estheticians, spa personnel, exercise instructors, nutritionists, coaches, and medical professionals.

The professional training covers all areas of effective and safe detoxification. Students are taught theories and applications of colon cleansing, intestinal dysbiosis, intestinal motility, candida detox, intestinal permeability, parasites detox, heavy metals detox, H. pylori, acid & alkaline, fasting, food combining, fiber, detox diets, detox herbs, detox nutrients, detox vitamins & minerals, amino acids, intestinal immunity, liver disease, natural liver protection, probiotics, prebiotics, and comprehensive stool analysis testing, and more.

Upon successfully completing the learn how to detox and detox others online program, students will be awarded with a certification for 100-hour detox specialist certification or diploma. In addition, ANHS offers privileges to all graduates of detoxification specialists program. Graduates can have access to a wide selection of high quality detox products. The ANHS is one of the U.S. natural products distributors. Graduates have the opportunity to purchase natural detoxification nutritional products from different manufacturers at whole prices.

In addition to access to a wide selection of detox natural nutritional products, there is no minimum order, and these products are shipped directly to their clients. This offers graduates the opportunity to save expenses in keeping inventory of their detoxification products.

Graduates can also gain benefit from the field supervision offered by the ANHS detoxification specialists. Graduates of detoxification specialists can contact the ANHS experts for support and advice for their detoxification practice and clients. Graduates can also benefit from the professional resources over the internet. This can help graduates run their detoxification practice smoothly.

Furthermore, ANHS professional training for detoxification not just allows students learn how to detox and detox others. Students can also attend the detoxification seminars at the school for free. All students who don’t mind traveling are welcome to attend the free detoxification seminars.

For more information about the learn how to detox and detox others professional training, please visit http://www.anhs-school.com/detoxification-specialist-reg.html.

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