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Certified Dog Massage Therapist Serving Orange County Offers Canine Massage & Well Being for Dogs


Laguna Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- Kim Tveter, owner of Hand2Paws is a Certified Dog Massage Therapist serving Orange County California, also San Diego and Los Angeles counties. Similar to humans, dogs can also reap great benefit from massage. The therapist at Hand2Paws can help improve the wellbeing of dogs through specific kinds of massage therapies which are specially created to provide relief from different ailments or just to help the dog relax.

Kim Tveter, the canine massage therapist identifies herself as a lover of animals ,especially dogs,. She is passionate about the work she does as a dog message therapist as a result of the many positive effects the therapy has had on the dogs she has worked with.

Kim believes that dog massage is beneficial to all kinds of dogs including:

- Athletic or physically active dogs
- Senior dogs
- Pups and newly adopted dogs
- Show dogs, rescue dogs, work dogs
- Arthritic dogs
- Dogs rehabilitating from surgery or emotional injury

In her experience, dog massage has helped bring positive behavioral changes in some cases. Massages are a great way for humans to relax and unwind. Many believe that a massage provides more than just physical benefits it also helps with pent up emotional, behavioral stress relief. Massage is after all a centuries old therapeutic art that is still in practice today mainly because of its wide range of benefits. Ollie, one of Kim's clients is one such example. Ollie the dog had a reputation of being a "wild man", he was guilty of bad behavior such as barking and chewing. However, Ollie's owner report that after a few regular weekly sessions with Kim , Ollie transformed from wild to well-behaved.

Tom H., Ollie's owner wrote in his testimonial: I can't believe the positive changes in Ollie's behavior since you have been working with him. People stop us on the street to comment on how "well-behaved" he is. He was a "wild-man" before you started his weekly massage appointments. He would never sit still. His personality has mellowed, barking and chewing have decreased; and he loves to sit in my lap when I come home from work. He's turning into the "good boy" I dreamed about!!"

About Hands2Paws
Hands2Paws is a dog massage therapy service located in Laguna Beach California. Kim Tveter earned her small animal massage therapist certification from Ojai School of Massage' and is a member of International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork. She is also a volunteer at The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter.

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Media Contact:
Kim Tveter, 844-4-DOG.RUB, Laguna Beach, CA 92651