Certified Dog Trainer Creates New Training Tools

Josh Pitts is a certified dog trainer on a mission to make user-friendly clicker training products so that dog owners don’t have to confine Buddy to a life in the yard due to bad behavior.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- A clicker is an animal training tool that emits a discrete and easily recognizable sound, which acts as a signal that a reward is coming. Clicker training is known to be highly effective form of animal training, and is entirely humane (punishment and force-free).

It’s been Josh’s experience as a professional dog trainer that people who are new to clicker training are commonly discouraged from using a clicker, particularly in group class and public settings, which involves holding a leash and clicker in the same hand so that the other hand is free for delivering rewards.

Unfortunately, this can lead to fumbling of equipment, which is disruptive to training sessions. When a training session is disrupted, the animal may lose interest or motivation while becoming increasingly distracted by other stimuli in the environment. Ultimately, the handler gets frustrated and is discouraged from using the clicker, or continuing with training altogether.

According to Josh’s research, he says that only 7.5% of dog owners actually purchase training services, and that of the millions of dog-owning households, there are only about 6,000 qualified experts to help. Since the dog owner is the one ultimately doing the training and who the dog must obey, it is essential they become trainers themselves. To Josh, better tools equates to better training, and better training means better public safety (less risk to dog bites).

Funding his crowdfunding project will allow Josh to cover the product development costs and purchase supplies for initial production. Everyone is invited to take a look at the rewards available to every dog and his owner.

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