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Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Data Revealed in Free Report by CNATrainingClassPrograms.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2012 -- According to financial analysts, the medical profession has not only remained steady during the current recession, it has actually grown even stronger.

Despite the shaky economy, people still need access to high quality medical care. This, combined with seniors living longer lives, means jobs in the medical field are more in demand than ever.

One career that offers fulfilling and steady work is a certified nursing assistant, or CNA. They help provide care for the physically injured or disabled patients, as well as those with mental health issues. CNA jobs are typically found in hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and mental health wards. Some also work as direct care workers.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its vast amount of helpful articles and tips pertaining to anything and everything related to becoming a certified nursing assistant.

CNATrainingClassPrograms.com features a plethora of information about classes, CNA training courses, certification, and—a question that many aspiring CNAs often wonder about—the average CNA salary.

The website recently released a comprehensive report on certified nursing assistant salary data for all 50 states in the country. The report, which is free to download, can be found in the top right sidebar of the website. No sign up or registration is needed to access this information.

“As in most industries, the amount of education and training dictates the amount one is paid. On average the first year the rate a nursing assistant makes is from $11.50 to $16.00+ per hour,” an article on the website said, adding that employees with the minimum education or technical skill can expect to make around $19,600. One that has a college or university degree one can make about $30,900 or more.

“As these numbers represent the national averages, one could make more depending on the location of the hospital, nursing home or if they are in the private sector such as in a home health care position.”

Using the website is easy; simply log on and begin browsing through the vast amount of information about CNA schools and more. Handy category tabs across the top can help visitors easily find more information about topics like “Careers,” “Jobs,” and “Certification.”

To find a local school that offers CNA training, visitors can enter in their zip code and preference for online or campus courses to see information about some of the CNA programs that are close to home.

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