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Certified Panna Emerald Stone Price in India

Find the worth and the price of the stone


Haryana, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- People who want to find more about panna emerald stone, its benefits and its price in India can head to the website, This website can provide them with the information they need to buy the gems.

The panna emerald stone is one of the planetary gemstones used in vedic astrology. It believes that gemstones are capable of harnessing the powers of the planet and can use this energy for the benefit of the person who is wearing them. Of the nine gemstone used for this purpose, the panna emerald is one. Since these stones according to rashi are related to a particular planet, the panna is also linked to one- Mercury.

Mercury is the quick god, the god of travel and also healing. Hence, a person who wears the panna emerald stone will have all the benefits of the same conferred on them. Since the ancient times, people have believed that the emerald stone is a lucky one which can bring people a lot of fortune, good luck, new opportunities and healthiness. Since it is green in colour, it also derives a lot of powers of tranquillity and strength from the nature itself!

Jyotish gems are worn to bring specific energy into life. Wearing panna would make a person become considerably more healthy. It also acts as a shield against bad luck as well as bad health. The stone can also be worn along with other stones so as to improve a person’s best chances in exams, businesses or any other such trades.

Since it is one of the stones according to rashi, only the right people should wear panna or they won’t be able to get the benefits of this stone. This is the stone for the people who are born in the month of May. People who are interested in buying emeralds for themselves should consider talking to a professional before they do that so that they make the right call when it comes to buying the stone. Of course, the purchase would also depend on the price of the stone in various parts of the country, as specified on the website,

People who are interested in finding out about the price of this quite beneficial stone can head to that website before deciding their shopping.

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