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Certified Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire Price in India

Original & certified Pukhraj availability in Delhi, India


Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- The fortune stone, yellow sapphire is considered to be the most auspicious stone according to the astrological sayings. It is a stone that can bring in luck with no leaps and bounds and hence it is recommended to be worn in a complete yellow outlook either in the form of a finger ring or as a pendant adorned with gold. As it is a sign of the planet Jupiter it is believed to bring prosperity, cheer and good luck for those who wear it. It is also a birthstone which can be worn by those who would need the elements that are prominent with this precious stone. It is also believed to bring in success and profits in businesses and hence is quite popularly worn by many. Pukhraj as it is famously known, is available in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida in India and is considered to be the perfect fit for both men and women of different age groups and from different occupations.

This Pukhraj yellow sapphire is available at a certified supplier who is based at India and caters to the international market. Bello Jewels Pvt. Ltd. has the original certified Pukhraj stone Jupiter which is a real yellow sapphire and has the power adorned into it. It can either be bought in different shades of yellow and in different cuts which is unmounted. As the choice of setting it into an earring, pendant or a finger ring is left to the individual according to the astronomical significance, the store offers these loose Pukhraj stones at great prices in India. These stones are also shipped internationally to over 19 countries and they have successfully been operating in the market for nearly 10 years.

The effect of the Sri Lankan yellow sapphire stone has proved to have transformed failed lives and hence the belief is even more enriched. With free worldwide shipping by express DHL/UPS/FedEx services offered by Bello Jewels online store and PayPal being accepted for a safe and secure shopping from India, these Pukhraj stones have become an easy buy.

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