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Certified Ruby Gemstone Price in Delhi and India

Find the right prices and the benefits of the ruby stone


Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- People who are interested in knowing how much certified ruby gemstones cost are certainly in luck for they can find out at This website will tell them how much the ruby gemstones, a part of the nine jyotish gems would cost.

There are nine gemstone in rashi ratna tradition. They are all linked to a planet, hence these stones are according to rashi. Ruby is one such stone. It is believed that people who wear the ruby stone will certainly be able to harness the powers of the gem and manage to get some positive impact on their lives soon after they start wearing the stone. It has been considered a protective stone since the ancient times, hence the person who is wearing rubies would be able to protect themselves from harm. It is said that it can be used to promote health or even protect people from any form of external harm.

But that is not all- rubies are stones that are believed to help people improve their independence, creativity, confidence, self- reliance and productivity as well. In fact, when worn by men in the ancient times, it was believed to be a sign of not only power, but also of immense passion. Ruby, the colour itself, is linked to the blood and it can be used as a stone that can help the blood in the body. It can get rid of blood diseases and also improve circulation of blood.

The ruby is a really powerful stone for it represents the Sun itself. Since this is one of the stones according to rashi, they have to make sure that they contact a professional and find out what kind of ruby they should be wearing. After all, the power of the ruby can be used only if it is being used by the right people in the right way. Rubies come in different cuts, styles and clarity. Depending on the same, the price and the quality of the rubies would certainly differ. Their price can range anywhere between $300- $1000 depending on those factors.

For more information about rubies, please visit the website,, where people can find out more about the gems, their use and even purchase them.

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