Joe Bragg Reveals a New Weight Loss Supplement


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2012 -- It seems like the vast majority of people are looking to lose weight. With our modern addictions to sugar and processed foods, obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the west. It’s more difficult than ever before to lose weight, as most people have sedentary office jobs and processed food high in sugars are almost impossible to avoid. More people are turning to weight loss supplements in an attempt to lose weight

One company making considerable waves in this area is Raspberry ketones are a natural weight loss supplement that has been found to increase the basal metabolic rate. As the name would suggest, they are derived from raspberry extract and contain no harsh chemical ingredients or drugs. have put together a helpful Internet resource regarding raspberry ketones, including many details about the scientific studies that discovered their usefulness. There is also a full ingredients list of the natural herbs, fruit extracts and other botanicals that are included in raspberry ketone capsules.

In addition to the scientific studies, there is also ample anecdotal evidence on the site. There are multiple great testimonials from happy customers who have experienced weight loss results while taking raspberry ketones. There are also before and after pictures displaying results.

In addition to quality editorial content, also provides a way for people to obtain this new product. So far they have had over 135,000 satisfied customers. The capsules that are sold on the site are created in accordance with the original and unique formula, and they are manufactured to high specifications in the US. The site states the natural botanicals found in their capsules are of the highest quality available, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The website also has a comprehensive blog, full of useful editorial content on the subject of raspberry ketones, as well as helpful advice regarding weight loss in general.

A spokesperson for the site said: “A huge number of rigorous scientific studies have found raspberry ketones to be an incredibly effective way to lose weight. We wanted to become an industry leader in this sector by providing a superior product, the best prices on the market, and exceptional levels of customer service.”

About is an online resource for information regarding raspberry ketones, a natural weight loss supplement. Raspberry ketones are also available to buy through the site.

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