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Cesspool Repair Requires Safety Regulation Adherence and Proper Equipment, Says Orange Environmental


Bayshore, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2011 -- According to Orange eEvironmental.com, few residents or businesses realize the potential dangers of improper cesspool repair. The cesspool service Long Island repair specialist is a full- service non-hazardous liquid waste management company.

Cesspool pumping and repair is a potentially dangerous job due to outgas as well as pumping methods and old or poor construction, which can lead to collapse. Unfortunately, many residents and businesses look for the cheapest remedies rather than the best when it comes to these services.

Orange Environmental has been providing high quality service to commercial and residential customers throughout long island and the five boroughs for over 25 years. The company knows the importance of adherence to safety and equipment standards for residents and their own team. “All of our technicians are OSHA trained and we only utilize state-of-the-art equipment so that everyone and everything is safe,” said an Orange Environmental specialist.

The cesspool service Suffolk county company offers septic system, drywells and catch basin remediation, video and visual well inspections and underground line detection among its services. “Our inspection units are equipped with special video cameras so field technicians can view the inside of pipes and confined areas, make an accurate diagnosis and implement the right remediation plan,” said the specialist.

Being OSHA trained means that the company’s technicians understand the necessary precautions to take in order to avoid dangers when they enter confined spaces. The company equips all of its technicians with gas detection meters and Aeration blowers to ensure everyone’s safety in this event. Other services include 24 HR emergency spill response, drum and tank removal as well as grease trap abandonment. “We specialize in the cleanup of fuel/oil spills, so we are always in compliance with regulatory agencies,” explained the specialist.

Careful field soil sampling, testing and remediation are of the utmost importance at Orange Environmental. Their field technicians take every industry recommendation and procedure through to completion. Field area (acreage) per sample, sampling procedure, sampling depth, when to sample, sample tools and materials, sample handling chain of command, information format and mailing are all standardized procedures. “The sample must be taken and handled properly to provide the best remediation plan that saves money and time,” said the specialist. An online form is available to obtain a free estimate on services.

For more information on Orange Environmental, please visit http://orangeenvironmental.com/

About Orange Environmental
Orange Environmental is a full-service non-hazardous liquid waste management company. The company provides its services to residential and business customers in Long Island and the surrounding five boroughs. Their services include septic system, drywells and catch basin remediation, video and visual well inspections and underground line detection, 24-hour emergency spill response, drum and tank removal, grease trap abandonment as well as field soil sampling, testing and remediation.