Joe Bragg Supplies Brazilians with Painting Equipment After 20 Years in Business


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Modern technology has given the world a number of different ways to paint a surface. From heavy-duty industrial painting machines to lightweight handheld devices, today’s painters have an arsenal of different pieces available to use. In Brazil, companies across the country rely on painting equipment in order to make buildings and vehicles look their best.

For twenty years, Brazilian painting equipment company Cetec has been supplying Brazilians with the painting equipment they need. Cetec can be found online at, where visitors will find detailed descriptions of a number of different painting machines designed exclusively for Brazilian companies. Cetec-affiliated retailers can be found all across Brazil, from Alagoas to São Paolo, and a full selection of Cetec retailers is listed at

Painting machines range from electrostatic powder painting machines to sandblasting machines designed to clean off a material in preparation for painting. Other machines include paint powder dispersers, and the Titan Performance 850E spackle applicator.

A spokesperson for Cetec explains how modern technology is helping painting companies across Brazil become more efficient:

“Today’s painting equipment is significantly better than the painting equipment that was available a few decades ago. Today, painters use a pintura eletrostática - an electrostatic painter - to cover a greater amount of area in a shorter period of time. While the initial cost of the painting equipment may be higher than traditional machines, the end result is that the painting company becomes significantly more efficient with the help of modern technology.”

Electrostatic painters rely on the power of negative and positive electric energy. The painter sprays negatively charged paint particles out of the nozzle onto the positively charged material. This allows the painter to easily apply a solid layer of paint onto virtually any surface while minimizing waste.

At, visitors will find a number of different resources designed to help anyone choose the perfect painting machine for their needs. The website features a painting equipment suggestion tool where visitors pick the size of their project and then receive recommendations based on the chosen size.

Whether repainting the exterior of a business or upgrading a company’s fleet of painting equipment pieces, aims to simplify the painting equipment shopping process for Brazilians across the country.

About is a Brazilian painting equipment manufacturer that recently celebrated twenty years of business. Cetec offers a number of different electrostatic painters, sandblasting machines, and other painting equipment pieces at retail outlets across the country. For more information, please visit: