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Kiev, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2016 -- The global network abounds in websites, which offer almost everything a user may need, be it food products, electronic devices, toys, clothes, baby accessories, sports apparel and what not. With such a rich choice, it is not easy to select the online shop, which meets all the needs, preferences and requirements of customers. is one of the most credible web-based shops, the popularity of which, however, has somewhat decreased because of the outdated website design. is a team of hard working and skilled professionals, who are dedicated to their work and try their best effort to enhance the success of the company they work for. The website offers different kinds of products a person may need to make the life more comfortable, easy and trouble-free. Regardless of the years of experience and dedication to success, specialists currently realize that the online shop is far from being trendy and up-to-date. The features and characteristics it could boast a few years ago, do not satisfy the growing needs of their customers anymore. Moreover, the website looks too plain and custom to cater to the sophisticated and advanced industry standards.

The design of the website is no longer attention grabbing and interesting, with lots of outdated features and options. The product search has become inconvenient and can puzzle a customer, taking time and effort. Those users, who visit the site for the first time, complain that its interface and layout are confusing and not easy to use as well. Unlike other online shops, which offer detailed product descriptions, large photos and advanced search filters that make it possible to look for the required products by different characteristics, features small and plain photos, some of which even spoil the initial impression a user may have about a product.

There is one more serious drawback, which reduces the chances of the site to attract the attention of the target audience. The drawback we are talking about is the absence of video product reviews, which are so popular and useful nowadays. These reviews make it possible to see the way the product really looks, its characteristics and features that make it stand out in the crowd. Video reviews have already become a must when it comes to selling products online, because they can notably increase the chances to gain the expected profit.

Having reviewed the above-mentioned drawbacks, team has decided to update the website and launch the new version, which will differ from the previous one. The new website is going to be more functional, convenient and easy to use. The release of the updated version will be announced soon.

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About is a web-based platform, which offers hundreds of electronic devices and home products for sale. The site was created a few years ago and has several drawbacks, which prevent it from availing immense popularity with the users. The founders of the resource, however, have analyzed the existing problems and adopted the decision to introduce the new version of the site in the nearest future.

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