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CFL Offers a Great Way to Lose Weight

A healthy product for effective, efficient and prompt loss of fat


California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- People often assume that the best way to lose weight is through rigorous work outs. This has worked for many people, but actually too much stress can be bad for muscles. Fat loss significantly depends on the body type. This is considered to be the reason why normal fat loss products like powder, potions, pills etc don’t work for many people. provides a new alternative for quick fat loss. Named as Customized fat loss, it’s a software which can help people achieve their dream weight effectively, by perfect nutritional intakes.

CFL is a personally altered approach to nutrition, providing knowledge on the most efficient fat burning nutrition based on 4 patented formulas. For effective fat loss, the program first determines the user’s body type and provides specific nutritional requirements the body should have, after considering factors like height, weight, age and metabolism. “My goal is to help take your fat loss to a level you never imagined your genetics would allow” says Kyle Leon, the founder of the company and the brain behind CFL, also explaining that the 4 formulas in the product can effectively burn fat, owing to years of testing and tweaking with the help of many renowned fitness models and nutritionists.

After considering factors like the body type and workout schedule, CFL will provide users with 3 choices for meal plans from a database of over 1400 different foods, of which one can be selected to follow daily. The meal plans will make sure that the user’s body gets all the nutritional requirements for quick, maximum fat loss. The website includes comments and proofs of many users who have used the product to trim down their body to great shapes. Apart from the testimonials, the company also guarantees 100% cash refund if the user doesn’t find the product effective. For all queries related to the product, visit the official customized fat loss website.

Founded by bestselling fitness author and nutritional expert Kyle Leon, the website offers an insight on Customized Fat Loss (CFL), with answers to all questions any viewer might have. The product and its effectiveness are testified by a user cum licensed physician, Dr. Hollowell, who is specialized in treating obese and overweight patients’ health issues. Kyle Leon personally guarantees that CFL is the best way to lose fat in the shortest time.

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