CFRN Acquires Worldwide Distribution Rights to the 'Mind of a Trader' a 160-Episode Series of Steve Croft

CFRN has obtained worldwide distribution rights to the ‘Mind of a Trader’ an extensive library of 160 episodes. Created by Steve Croft, a pro in the field trading psychology, gets to the crux of what concerns traders regularly.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- CFRN announced today they have acquired worldwide distribution rights to the "Mind of a Trader", a powerful learning series created by Steve Croft, a living legend in field trading psychology. No psyhco babble here, each episode contains valuable lessons that both Professional and Novice Traders will be able to implement not only into their trading, but their everyday lives as well.

Acquiring this extensive library of 160 episodes (80 which have never been released) was no easy task. CFRN Founder and CEO DeWayne Reeves spent several weeks in negotiations with the "Mind of a Trader" creator, Steve Croft. Steve, while still actively involved in trading his own account and a much sought after speaker for trades shows and conventions, his greatest concern was that this extensive body of work (his baby) would receive the respect and audience it so richly deserves.

Mr Croft states he is confident he has found the perfect home for the "Mind of a Trader" with CFRN. Once Steve developed a deeper understanding of CFRN's rich history of broadcasting, teaching, training and mentoring over the past 8 years, he still found it somewhat difficult to say good-bye.. but he is confident that Mr. Reeves will give his labor of love the respect it deserves and that being placed on a global platform which reaches deeply into over 20 countries daily with its flagship programs "Propserity for God's People" and the "Emini FuturesCast", traders from all walks of life, every socio-economic background, will have the opportunity to learn, grow and mature as Professional Traders.

CEO DeWayne Reeves stated, “A new lesson of the series will be made available to traders around the globe each trading day. To learn how to access each new episode (at no charge) join us afternoon @ 4:30PM EST for full details. Each attendee will also receive a personal invitation to our Live Emini Trading Room where you will watch our Top Trader at work for the remainder of the week. You are encouraged to ask ask questions this afternoon, as well as in the Live Trading Room. If you are unable to attend afternoon @ 4:30pm EST, simply click here and we will email you the link and password to the Live Trading Room."

CFRN specializes in trading Emini Futures and even though much of Steve's original work was done in the world of Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange), every bit of wisdom this library offers, translates seamlessly to the world of Emini Futures Trading, Option Trading, Stock Trading and even Spread Betting which is very popular in the UK.

As part of the deal, Steve has agreed to make several personal appearances on CFRN's daily program from 12-2PM EST as a guest and possibly even as an occasional guest host. In his final comments, Mr. Reeves stated "Nothing would make me happier, or benefit the CFRN Global Community of Traders more, than for Mr. Croft to accept the invitation currently on the table to host his own program on the CFRN 24/7 Network.

Mr Reeves ended the press conference with a final statement, "This deal which has been brokered between Mr. Croft and CFRN will literally change the lives of traders worldwide for generations to come. The content in each episode is "evergreen" and has implications that reach far beyond the mere business of trading. The concepts and ideas which all originated in the actual "Mind of a Trader" Steve Croft himself, will find their way into how you love your wife, how you raise your kids, run your business, respect yourself and present yourself as a role model to all who find themselves within your sphere of influence."

Special Note: This level of training would be cost prohibitive for most beginning traders. While we do not know what Mr. Croft currently charges his personal clients or if he even still mentors on a personal level, training of this caliber (if you can find it), is often taught at an hourly rate of $300 to $500 an hour and even more. CFRN is currently involved in several initiatives in numerous third world countries. The CFRN Staff is overwhelmed by the opportunity to take these lessons into classrooms and rural villages from Kampala Uganda to Kitale Kenya, Puerto Penasco Mexico and even Bangladesh. They look forward to impart live training of the day trading rules and techniques to the traders.

To learn more about CFRN live trading room and their online mentoring program, or to take a 5 day Free Trial in their online Live Emini Trading Room, contact or call 949-42-EMINI.