CG4TV Has Just Released a Free Tutorial Video About Virtual Sets and Final Cut Pro


Marina del Rey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- CG4TV, a renowned provider of green screen backgrounds and virtual sets, has just released an insightful and helpful video tutorial pertaining to Final Cut PRO and virtual sets. By far, this is good news for both professional and amateur video producers, as they can now create better video productions while saving money and time. With the advent of Final Cut PRO using plug in Apple Motion and virtual sets from CG4TV, you can select a perfect virtual set and a taste of Hollywood magic to your videos. Whether you are an Indie film producer or a YouTube video sharer, these virtual sets will certainly offer a plethora of benefits to your video productions.

The video will certainly help a lot of video producers create high-quality video productions. Basically, the tutorial presents a vast number of opportunities for creating superior quality production to focused and smaller projects with minimal audiences. As a matter of fact, even novices and beginners in video production can produce broadcast quality and professional videos using this essential tutorial. Mark John Lopez, a beginner is blogging and video production, said, “This video tutorial will certainly help me become a better video producer. Although I’m relatively new in video production, I can now produce a lot of high quality videos with the pointers shared by this tutorial. For those who are new to producing and making videos, I strongly suggest that you watch the tutorial online.”

The tutorial, to a large extent, exhibits how a news anchor or announcer can be infused with a virtual newsroom set. With the help of the video tutorial, you can now create a superior quality and professional news video production using Final Cut PRO. So, if your video productions involve using virtual newsroom, make sure to check out the video tutorial posted at CG4TV’ official website.

There are a lot of virtual newsroom sets offered by this renowned company. For interested parties of newsroom virtual sets from CG4TV, you can check them at At CG4TV, you get the perfect virtual sets and green screen backgrounds for your video production without having to spend a fortune. So, if are a video producer, who has limited resources, it is best that you the virtual sets offered by this company.

This best thing about this video tutorial is that you can learn the secrets and trades of using Final Cut Pro and a virtual set without having to spend any money. This video is free for the taking, as you can download it or watch it at or If you have stable access to the World Wide Web, you can get essential pointers from this tutorial without having to spend a dime.

Aside from virtual newsroom, CG4TV also offer other forms of virtual sets like 3D images, stock photos, backgrounds and 3D animations. This company has done a lot of custom designs for renowned and established clients like Intel, NASA, Discovery, HBO, Fox News and other important corporate, governmental and television clients. On top of that, the company has received a number of film festival and industry awards in the past.

About CG4TV
CG4TV specializes in computer graphics production for television shows and commercials. Their series of video tutorials is aimed at video editors, film makers, TV channels and those professionals and students interested in video and television computer graphics production.?CG4TV exists as a brand created, owned and developed by the industry-award winning company CG4TV. Incorporated in 1996, CG4TV was one of the world's very first practitioners of interactive 3D graphics, a.k.a. 'virtual reality'.

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