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Chad A. Marshall Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Fund "Only Godz Relate" Album


Perris, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Chad A. Marshall , the indie artist recognized for his unique musical style blending poetic expressionism in the form of classical and somber melodies with urban hip-hop, is pleased to announce the launch of his Indiegogo.com fundraising campaign. Chad A. Marshall is seeking $5,000 to create 1,000 dual disc hardcopies of his latest album “Only Godz Relate,” an epic two-and-a-half-hour journey through thought and poetry.

“Only Godz Relate,” the much-anticipated sequel to “Von Poe VII,” is the second installment in the “Villains” trilogy and will include 30 creative pieces with 15 tracks on each disc, as well as a 24-page booklet containing images, lyrics and biographical information for many of the 40 different artists and 14 producers involved in the project. The album will be available for purchase on iTunes and as a free download on Chad A. Marshall’s Bandcamp profile.

“There is already so much music out there, so I won't sit here and tell you that this project deserves your money any more than someone else. However I will say that this is the second part of a three part trilogy, after which no more will be created. So I would encourage you all to take part in something special. Not just in the sense of the music, but in the sense of everything this project represents,” stated Chad A. Marshall.

Those who sponsor the release of “Only Godz Relate” will be helping to enrich the music community by making accessible to all an educated, intelligent piece of sound for the current generation. Funds from the campaign will go towards the cost of creating 1,000 dual disc hardcopies of the album and paying for shipping, handling and taxes once the CDs have been manufactured. Chad A. Marshall guarantees that all funds he receives will be used for the manufacture, release and distribution of his work, and that he will be spending at least $500 of his own money to that end.

Depending on their level of contribution, donors to the “Only Godz Relate” project will be eligible to receive a hardcopy of the album, a “VII” t-shirt, a “VONPOEVII” beanie and snapback, credit as a co-producer, and even a personal shout from Chad A. Marshall himself on the new album.

Anyone who is unable to make a monetary contribution can still become involved in the cause by sharing the Indiegogo.com fundraising page with friends and family and liking Chad A. Marshall on Facebook or following him on Twitter.

About Only Godz Relate
“Only Godz Relate“ is the sequel album to “Von Poe VII,” featuring contributions from 40 different artists and musicians. The album combines classical and somber melodies with modern hip-hop music to produce a 150 minute journey into the realm of thought and poetry. “Only Godz Relate” is the second installment in a trilogy of albums created by musician and poet Chad A. Marshall. For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/only-godz-relate-album?show_todos=true.