Chakra Balancing - a Practical Guide to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing Today Free to Download from Kindle Stores


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- One of the highly recognized and worth reading books on chakra, ‘Chakra Balancing - A Practical Guide to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing Today’ is available for free download at kindle stores throughout the country for this month only. Written by one of the prestigious and renowned chakra writers, Davina DeSilver, the book has gained worldwide recognition and fame because of its complete and commendable guidelines on how to practice chakra and aura and has gained a 5/5 customer rating at the Amazon’s website

The recent announcement by Kindle Stores about its free download across the US has spread a sense of excitement and happiness among the people as they look forward to discover a whole new world of Chakra. The book is a quick and easy read, packed with down to earth tips and ideas that can easily be used by anyone to start balancing his chakra and working with his energy system. The author has flawlessly defined convenient and easy to follow steps to perform chakra, enabling people to improve their lives. The book is a great read for the chakra beginners as it provides them with a clear understanding of what really chakra is and proficiently gives simple ways to start balancing and working with their own energies.

The author has followed a straightforward and a clearer approach to explain the entire chakra process. She has assured the readers that they will discover signs of a healthy functioning chakra and will also be able to learn how to balance chakras and heal them.

The book begins with a comprehensive introduction on the chakras and its seven main locations. The author then provides a broader outlook on the chakras by explaining how to tip the energy scales in a person’s favor, followed by other helpful chapters. The book is fully capable to provide people with reliable and effective ways to improve their internal and mental strength as well as to stabilize and harness their spiritual awareness by following its commendable guidelines on the chakras with full devotion and sincerity.

The author has also discussed chakra balancing and chakra healing and has also highlighted all about aura and how positively it can affect a person’s life.

A number of readers have also shared their experiences with the book at the website, a reader named Loulabelle writes,

“I have just completed reading this first book on Chakra balance. Thought I'd read a little, then come back to it, but just couldn't stop! It really is written with "a straight forward, no nonsense approach" (to quote the author) and I'm now totally convinced about the merits of balancing Chakras and the role both they and our auras play in our unique being. I identified with many comments made and feel I've already begun the process to deal with them - appreciating common sense suggestions of how to do so! I look forward to future publications.”

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About the Author: Davina DeSilver
Davina DeSilver is a Reiki Master and hypnotherapist, she specialised in past life regression therapy.

She has worked with some of the latest aura technology and has spent a lot of time working with the human spirit. She has facilitated development groups with other psychics and mediums too.

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Davina DeSilver