Chakra Colour Meditation - Davina DeSilver Creates a Range of Chakra Balancing Meditation


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- After the successful launch of the book, “Chakra Balancing - A Practical to Guide to Balance the Chakras & Start Chakra Healing Today”, Davina DeSilver, a widely renowned and prestigious writer on chakras now plans to create a range of chakra balancing meditations that will comprehensively guide the individual to balancing the seven main chakras. The first recording of the series, ‘The Chakra Color Meditation’ is available for sale at the website, and is a wonderful 30 minute recording, efficiently designed to clear and energize each of the seven main chakras; helping to bring in new energy, making the individual feel more refreshed and revitalized than ever before.

Davina DeSilver is a well-known author, qualified hypnotherapist and an expert Reiki Master who has dealt with hundreds of people over the years, guiding them about the energy and presence of their human spirits. People have loved her varied and down to earth chakra balancing techniques that has gained them appreciative results. Her newly launched recording, The Chakra Color Meditation is a wonderfully organized audio that aims to provide a thorough Chakra Color Visualization, enabling an individual to absorb healing chakra color energy deep into their bones and the entire energy system. This 30 minute recording works through all the major seven chakras, ranging from the base right up to the crown that will bring in the associated color and bathe an individual’s energy with each in turn, further leaving him revitalized for the rest of the day. The audio efficiently clears people’s chakras and energizes them internally, whilst they enjoy a deep sense of relaxation.

The energy centers or Chakras of the body try to regulate an individual’s energy to maintain a sort of balance but at times they can become out of balance, clogged or blocked. Keeping this situation in mind, the author suggests that one of the easiest ways to clear or balance the Chakras is to go for a treatment that deals specifically with the energy of the body, of which she states that a Reiki treatment or Shiatsu, Tai Chi is great for re-energizing the Chakra energy as is yoga. The author has summed up the entire Chakra meditation procedure on her website, with essential tips on chakra balancing visualization in her effectively recorded audio to ensure that more and more individuals can benefit from this fascinating technique from the comfort of their homes. This guided meditation to balance the chakras will take an individual through a process of clearing, stabilizing and re-energizing his chakra energy. In addition, she advises her followers that even listening to some restful music or experiencing deep relaxation can be very soothing and beneficial to their Chakras but it is even more powerful and useful when they use their minds and intentions to direct the healing and restorative powers of their energy systems. This can be easily done by listening to a guided meditation or relaxation.

This 30 minute recording on Chakra meditation is intended to make individuals mentally strong and rejuvenate their internal energies, and is a really worthwhile audio to bring balance to the entire Chakra System.

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