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Chamomile Seeds Market with Current Trends Analysis, 2016-2026

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2017 -- Chamomile is a perennial herb which is used for preparing herbal tea. Chamomile seeds are used for natural treatments for a number of health problems and also used for production of flavored teas along with contributing to its medicinal properties. It is an herbal plant whose flowers, leaves and seeds are used for medicine and flavoring foods. Medicinally there are two types of chamomile seeds which are used for making medicines i.e. German Chamomile seed (Matricaria recutita) found in North America region and Roman Chamomile seed (Chamaemelum nobile) mainly found in England. Chamomile seeds has been used for its several useful effects which treats number of ailments such as sleeping disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, stomach problems, skin problems, common cold, cardiovascular problems, colic/ diarrhea, eczema, gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoids, mucositis, osteoporosis, wound healing, and others. As chamomile seed contains herbal ingredients which are used in many disorders, the global chamomile seed market is expected to increase significantly over the forecast period.

Chamomile Seeds: Market Segmentation

The chamomile seeds market is segmented on the basis of type, application and region. The chamomile seed market is segmented on the basis of type which includes German chamomile seed type and Roman chamomile seed type. German chamomile seeds are primarily used in cosmetic industry and in skincare formulations for improving skin disorders. Roman chamomile seeds are primarily used in preparation of essential oil which is applied on skin disorders.

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The chamomile seeds market is also segmented on the basis of applications such as skincare products, pharmaceuticals such as medicinal drugs, stomach disorders, aromatic oils, flavored teas, and others. The skincare products segment is further sub segmented into creams, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Hence, the global chamomile seeds market is expected to significantly increase the revenue contribution over the forecast period.

Chamomile Seeds Market: Region wise Outlook

Geographically, the global chamomile seeds industry can be divided by major regions which include North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Globally, among all regions, Asia Pacific has developed as the dominant region in consumption in the global chamomile seeds market followed by Europe and North America. Increasing skincare products industry and pharmaceuticals industry, has strengthened the growth of global chamomile seeds market and hence is projected to significantly expand the revenue contribution of the market over the forecast period.

Chamomile Seeds Market: Growth Drivers

Growing health awareness in consumers is the major driving factor of the chamomile seeds market due to the presence of essential ingredients that helps in curing various skin disorders. Chamomile seeds are also used for production of sleeping pills that acts as relax sleeping aid. Medicinal ingredients are extracted from dried flowers of chamomile seeds with help of water, ethanol or methanol as solvents and extracts are used for various applications such as medicinal drugs, skincare products, stomach disorders, and others, are another major factors that is driving the chamomile seeds market during the forecast period. Increasing consumption of chamomile flavored tea in regions such as Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia and North America, the tea industry market is observed to witness significant growth over the forecast period. Growing demand for organic chamomile seeds is also one of the major drivers as the seed extract is used in creams, lotion, ointment, bath teas, shampoos, and others.

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Chamomile Seeds Market: Key Players

The key international players operating in chamomile seeds market includes the green seed company, MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS, Territorial Seed Company, Seattle Seed Company, Applewood Seed Company, West Coast Seeds, Victory Seed Company, The Incredible Seed Company, Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co, and The Good Seed Company. The companies are expected to expand their business by boosting their product portfolio in global chamomile seeds market.