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Champion Oil Revs Up the Classic & Muscle Car Market

Champion Oil recently announced “purpose-built” synthetic motor oils for the classic, vintage, hot rod, and muscle car market. Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oils are designed to protect collector car engines by replacing the vital additives that have been removed from current API spec oils. Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oils are available in 10W-30 and 20W-50 synthetic blend grades and 15W-50 full synthetic.


Clinton, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oils are “purpose-built” for vintage, classic, hot rod and muscle cars that need more protection than current API specification motor oil can provide.

“Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oil’s high zinc and phosphorous formula is designed to deliver the correct balance of chemistry to protect vintage and high performance engines, especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high RPM's and requiring high-pressure (stiff) valve springs”, says Karl Dedolph, Champion’s Director of Racing & Performance. “These products contain Champion’s proprietary TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) which extends oil film capacity for better protection at high temperatures.”

“Champion’s three new engine oils also contain special lubricity modifiers to reduce friction, and unlock the full potential of any engine by providing increased compression, horsepower and torque”, added Dedolph. “Exceptional cars deserve exceptional oil, so we are offering three very special “purpose-built” multi-grade lubricants.” Available in:

SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend
SAE 20W-50 Synthetic Blend
SAE 15W-50 Full Synthetic

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