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Champion Tile Now Offers Ceramic Tiles Richly Colored and Versatile


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- “We’re pretty excited by the versatility of ceramic tiles, largely because whether they are made by machine, or hand-made, they do wonders for a floor or wall. In most cases, we use ceramic tiles in areas of high moisture. They are durable, hard, come in unglazed or glazed varieties, and can even be used outdoors. They are also easy to work with and easy on the budget,” says Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

Ceramic tiles are less expensive that other tiling choices, but that does not mean they are “cheap.” They are tough and durable, available in hundreds of patterns and colors. “But the best thing is that they come in a wide variety of sizes, textures, patterns, and shapes,” says Dupre. “There is literally, a tile for every homeowner in search of something different to suit their décor.”

If a do-it-yourself project is in the cards, shop around to various tile stores. Check out the options. Check out the various rates and ask questions about the tiles on sale. The last thing a homeowner needs to do is to get a load of tiles home, and find out too late that they are poor quality or very old stock. Different tiling companies may offer different deals, and if working within a budget is necessary, do some price comparisons before buying tiles.

The beauty of using ceramic tiles is that whether the decorating choice is simple, complex or a combination of both approaches, these tiles are an inexpensive way to get very creative. There are even a few tricks to shopping for tiles for a renovation project. “For instance, buy simple tiles in the main color of your motif, and add in some nifty patterned ones, to use as a border or create a motif. Just draw the pattern out first, unless you want to create a random design,” Dupre suggested.

For homeowners who are not sure about tackling a do-it-yourself kind of project, make it a point to call a professional flooring contractor. That way, the job is perfect, and the grouting is where it is supposed to be, not on the walls.

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