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ChampionAPet.com Launches World's First Social Giving Site for Pets

Aiming to help financially-burdened owners keep their pets at home, Champion a Pet today announces the world’s first social sharing website that’s dedicated to life’s furry friends.


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- Amid the recent financial crisis and ever-increasing costs of ownership, a large number of pet owners are forced to give up their animals due to lack of funds. Whether stricken with the inability to pay for vaccinations, long-term care or even just unable to buy food; the ‘last resort’ is a sad reality for thousands.

However, the launch of a new website aims to bring pet lovers together in the world’s first social giving platform that is dedicated to pets.

ChampionAPet.com harnesses the generosity of others to assist those who are in dire financial straits and may be forced to consider permanent separation. Using its innovative online platform, less fortunate pet owners are now able to connect with pet lovers who can help them make ends meet.

“Those is need are able to create a ‘cause’ and publish it on our site to a global audience,” says Ryan Ernst, President of ChampionAPet.com.

He continues, “Our online ‘champions’ can then browse causes, find out what assistance people are looking for, before deciding what they can pledge to improve the life of the animal and its family.”

Creating a cause is free, with owners able to set the exact amount that they are looking people to champion. Causes are not just limited to veterinary care, either. Behavior training, food, pet sitting, pet deposits and an abundance of other needs fall under the site’s remit.

For example, Diego the Labrador is currently featured on the site. Diego is a retired Military Working Dog who has lived and worked with his owner for almost a decade. Having both been deployed to Iraq in 2006, the retired duo require vital funds to allow Diego to obtain the medications his working conditions now force him to take. Falling short by $300 each month, Diego’s owner is reaching out to the site to find donors who may be able to help.

In another cause, Smokey the cat suffered a devastating bladder infection as a kitten. Owned by a hard working young college student who juggles work with the care of young children, $200 is required to ensure that Smokey can continue to get the care she requires for nursing back to full health.

“We have a myriad of unique cases on our website. However, every pet owner, no matter how ‘normal’ they feel their cause may be, is encouraged to use the website. Everyone involved with Champion a Pet hopes to achieve the best life possible for the pets in need. These aren’t shelter pets. They’re already in loving homes and considered family members. We want to keep it that way,” Ernst adds.

Setting up a cause takes just a few minutes, as does championing one. With online payments and no need to submit any detailed personal information, the site is poised to provide a saving grace to owners and vital lifeline to pets in need.

For more information, please visit: http://www.championapet.com

About ChampionAPet.com
The economic strain on pet owners has reached an all-time high, and doesn't show signs of decreasing. Neglect of sick pets is on the rise, and the financial strain is forcing more and more pet owners to consider giving up their furry family members.

The mission of Champion A Pet is to harness the generosity of fellow pet lovers so that struggling pet owners can keep their pets. This generosity will also help alleviate some of the burden on the overcrowding shelters.

Champion A Pet is completely free to its users, allowing everyone who registers the opportunity to post their pets' needs.

The site is a unique venue for any individual, organization, or company looking to make a difference in someone's life, or the lives of countless people and their pets.