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Change 4 Love, and Worldwide Free Art Movement, Launches Kickstarter Campaign


American Fork, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2016 -- Glenn Stucki, a famous Walmart employee at the American Fork Walmart in Utah, is on a mission to share his painting prints with children, disabled individuals, enthusiasts, and more worldwide. Calling the art movement Change 4 Love, Stucki officially launched a Kickstarter campaign this week for raising the funds he needs to take his work to the global stage.

A talented Superhero painter, Stucki has been giving friends and acquaintances at Walmart paintings for years. After realizing the happiness and joy they bring to the children he interacts with, Stucki decided he wanted to take his art movement to the international scale, and raise both awareness and funding for the dissemination of his prints.

"For me, it's never been about the money. After I was in an accident as a child, I remember waking up to the Superhero paintings in the hospital, and have been committed to spreading that kind of pure joy with other kids and individuals," said Stucki. "I can't meet the print demand currently coming my way, which is why I wanted to launch a Kickstarter campaign for reaching as many people as possible."

A news video of Stucki went viral a few months ago, and he had over 3 million hits and thousands of print requests. The Kickstarter campaign is aimed specifically to raise funds for producing as many free pints as possible, as well as selling his original artwork to raise money for those who cannot afford to purchase paintings. Additionally, he plans to use the funds for launching an official website, and expanding his public relations reach.

"My print movement is designed to show others that anything is possible with love and determination," said Stucki. "We are going to add a feature to my future website that enables others with disabilities to publish and raise funds for their projects as well."

Stucki's Change 4 Love Kickstarter campaign is open until June 18, 2016.

For more information, visit:

Glenn Stucki
Phone: 801-548-5011