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Change Exercise Perspective to Stay Motivated


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- It can feel at times that society is full of pressure to be physically active and lose weight in addition to all the other pressures of daily life. While weight reduction is important, the overall goal of physical activity and losing weight is not to improve appearance – it is to improve health.

Finding a motivating reason to be active can be difficult, and experts recommend changing the approach to exercise at times rather than the exercises themselves. Physical activity is physical activity, but how a person looks at that activity – why they’re engaging in it and what the benefits are – can have an impact on the motivation to get moving.

Physical activity has long been linked to a reduction in depression and other mood disorders, and it could be because these individuals changed how they approached activity rather than changed the exercise, looking at physical activity as a way to stave off seasonal blues or long-term mental issues.

It’s certainly not a cure-all for any mental illness, and there will be days a person doesn’t feel like engaging, but increasing general physical activity overall can boost mood, work performance, and other factors likely to improve social and mental well-being in any person – whether they suffer from depressive conditions or not.

Other tips to keep in an exercise pattern are to schedule it as part of a daily routine, set various goals to accomplish, and finding a form of support for the activity. All these are also recommended to improve mental well-being and increase overall social health. Looking at exercise as a form of social engagement can also make it easier to commit to a routine or class one finds interesting.

If goals aren’t met, or workout days are missed, it’s not a failure on the part of the individual or the program. It’s part of life. Recognizing this and stepping back into the pattern is a healthy approach to physical activity and other life pursuits. Changing the perspective of activity will cause overall positive changes on exercise and other life pursuits.

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