Changes in Canada Permanent Residency Program Encourage Business Immigrants


Mohali, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2013 -- The changes in Permanent residency program implemented by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada in past half year have immensely escalated the prospects for immigrants, who want to migrate to Canada as business immigrants. The chances for the skilled immigrants seem to have brightened as well.

Startup visa program was announced in January 2013

Startup visa program launched to attract entrepreneurs to start their companies in Canada is open to accept applications from 1 April 2013. Though the entrepreneurs will be later on linked to the associations experienced in working with new startup ventures yet, initially entrepreneurs need support of any Canadian angel investor group or any venture capital fund to be eligible.

Open work permit bridging for sure did increase opportunities immigrants to stay in Canada.

Bridging open work permit program was announced by CIC in December 2012. Under Bridging open work permit program the applicants under

Canadian experience class, federal-skilled worker program, federal skilled trades program, and provincial nominee program,can sustain their status and carry on work in Canada till their application of permanent residency gets resolved.

On one hand the Bridging open work permit program gives an immense opportunity to the immigrants, who otherwise would have to simply end their jobs or the labor-market opinion while on other hand the odds might be faced by the companies that wanted to retain the employees as they can go and work anywhere after they obtain the permit.

The Federal skilled trades program was launched in January 2013

CIC is open to accept 3000 applications this year. Forty three occupations from the skilled workers category are eligible under the FSTP. Applicants must meet the following criteria: Expertise in English or in French language, offer of employment in Canada/ certificate of qualification from a province or territory in any one of 43 categories, minimum two years of resident work experience in the specified skilled category in the last five years.

Though the program segregates the skilled labor from the professionals yet the language criterion might be a bit over the edge for such applicants. Furthermore, they need to be physically present in Canada during such period of two years of experience which might be a cause of worry.

Expressions of interest for skilled workers was announced last fall

The permanent residency application model, called expressions of interest, for skilled workers where people interested in coming to Canada will first submit an online form with information on assessed education credentials, language expertise, and occupational experience.

Each applicant will get score and ranking before being enlisted in the pool of potential candidates. Those applicants, who most excellently meet Canadian employer’s requirement, will receive an invitation to submit an immigration application under a priority processing system. CIC has yet not announced commencing date this model though it is expected to reduce the backlog and will be a quicker process.

As rest of the globe awaits the results of the new immigration programs of Canada, it might be time to act for those who desire to be applicants of Canada Immigration.

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