Changing a YouTube Channel Name Easily

New video shows easy steps to change a YouTube Channel Name.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Changing the name on YouTube channels is not as straightforward as it was before. Updates on the updates on YouTube, help YouTubers to understand the changes and their effects. There have been many updates on YouTube, and with the updates, a lot has changed in the channel members areas, as well as, the way things are done. A number of videos that were made in the past on how to do things on YouTube are not very helpful, anymore.

Changing the name of a channel on YouTube has changed. Different ways of changing the channel name or new options, are now available. New videos about the updates have been created to show what to do, how to do it and when to do it. David Walsh, YouTube video expert of DavidWalshOnLine.com, informed us “The best time to change a YouTube name on a YouTube channel is when it is still a brand new channel”. There are a number of ways that the name of a YouTube channel can be changed, as is seen in David Walsh’s video on his YouTube channel DavidWalshOnline.

There are of course some things that need to be considered carefully by YouTubers, because once set they cannot be changed. As Mr Walsh, video marketing expert, stated “One thing you need to know, here, is that once you set up your custom channel URL, it can't be changed. You get to pick this just once, you can't change it again”. Although, it is easy to navigate on YouTube following the procedures on the videos, there are important details that need to be pointed out to YouTubers.

Videos on how to do things on YouTube must have clear instructions and easy to follow steps. They must, also, have advice on what not to do, like the video on how to change a YouTube channel name. David Walsh’s videos have attracted lot of fans on YouTube. His videos have made it very easy for people, who have no experience with videos, to create their own channels and upload videos to them.

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