Changing Your Mindset: How Outsourcing to Philippines Made John Jonas Live the 17-Hour Work Week

Outsourcing guru John Jonas is featured in a 30-minute interview in The founder of and OnlineJobs.Ph shares his insights and mindset on how to make your business successful by hiring full-time Filipino workers.


Lehi, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Outsourcing guru and successful online entrepreneur John Jonas is featured in this week's podcast. In a 30-minute interview, Jonas shares the story of how he built several lucrative online businesses with the help of workers he has hired from the Philippines. With his team of full time employees, John's online business endeavors became financially successful. More importantly, by providing the right training and guidance to his team, he was able to outsource majority of his daily work and spend more time with his growing family.

John has been working from home - for less than 17 hours a week - for the last nine years. Today, he spends the day taking care of his children and pursuing his other passions in life such as golf. He has 14 full time employees in the Philippines running different aspects of his business; and they're doing the job splendidly.

“Hiring someone was the single most liberating experience of my life. I had this guy full time and all of a sudden I had someone who would do anything that I asked him to do. He was intelligent and would think through things. I could focus on marketing, I could focus on other things instead of the minute little details,” explained John, who was originally a computer programmer before he became his own boss.

Disgruntled, unmotivated, and completely unhappy with an office job, John decided that he was better off running his own business than working for someone else. He quit his job and worked to conquer the online business scene. Things seemed to go his way until complications in his wife's pregnancy forced John to completely delegate tasks and day-to-day operations to his staff in the Philippines. It was a choice between making money or losing a child, he said. It was here that he realized how well he has trained his people: he was working one hour a week and the businesses were flourishing!

“It's hard work but that's a big part of my success. If I teach them stuff, if I train them really well it will mean I will never have to do that same thing again,” John says of providing training to outsourced employees.

This father of five who works about 12 hours a week, currently employs programmers, web designers, social media workers, content writers, and more; all from the Philippines. His personal experience and success has driven him to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed by teaching them how to outsource different aspects of their business operations to Filipino workers. He discusses the process involved in outsourcing work, training, payment, as well as how manage them at length on his blog and at the Replace Myself website.

The interview also shows how John is able to have the work-life balance most people can only dream about. He gets to take his son to hockey practice and the girls to their dance lessons. He is able to play golf as often as he wants all the while his businesses continue to earn and grow exponentially.

“By getting someone else to work, your brain will allow you to learn correctly. All of a sudden your brain changes and instead of thinking I can't I cant', you start thinking differently and you start making better decisions,” John reminded entrepreneurs.

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