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ChangingTheScript.com Features Articles on Top Publishing Companies for New Authors


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- ChangingTheScript.com, the premier online resource dedicated to helping independent writers build relationships with nationally and internationally recognized top publishing companies, is pleased to announce the remodel of its website and the release of numerous additional articles designed to help new authors learn how to publish their work.

www.ChangingTheScript.com features a wealth of information that guides first-time authors through every phase of the publishing process, from preparing the manuscript to choosing reputable publishing companies and finding literary agents. Authors of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry will all benefit from the advice offered on ChangingTheScript.com, which has compiled lists of the top publishing companies in cities across the United States, articles that discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing, tip sheets for first-time authors, guides for publishing in niche markets, and much more.

According to ChangingTheScript.com, when a new author attempts to have a book published, he or she must work very hard and be persistent. Many of today’s most notable and respected authors have struggled at some point to find homes for their work, because even when the writing is outstanding, publishers often have very specific requirements for which pieces they accept.

“When James Patterson wrote his first novel it was rejected by 31 publishers, on the other hand Mary Higgins Clark’s manuscript took 6 years and a decent pile of 41 rejections before finally getting accepted,” an article on ChangingTheScript.com stated.

ChangingTheScript.com recommends reaching out to the top publishing companies, because only they possess extensive experience and can provide the most appropriate guidance for new authors. Some of today’s most respected firms include Random House, Oxford University Press, John Wiley & Sons, Dorrance Publishing, and Bantam Books. Bantam publishing is exceptionally well-suited to new authors, as they have been responsible for launching the careers of numerous now-famous writers.

“You will find that setting up your book from a company like Bantam can be quite a great way to grow your name. They know how to promote the books they publish and get them out there in open and in the eyes of their readers,” an article from ChangingTheScript.com noted.

Authors who work in niche fields such as urban books publishing, Christian literature, and children’s books are encouraged to visit ChangingTheScript.com to learn more about the most effective ways to distribute their material on a grand scale.

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At Changingthescript.com, authors can read about many different book publishing companies and learn about the process of getting a book published. The site is geared towards first-time authors who would like to learn about producing a proper book manuscript, understand what to look for when signing a publishing deal, and more. For more information, please visit www.changingthescript.com.