Channel 4 and Mary Portas Secret Shopper Visit South East London Fashion Store Girl Like Me


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- Channel 4 and Mary Portas Secret Shopper visited a South East London Boutique and turned its fortunes around. The episode, which was broadcasted on the 10th March 2015, showed how Mary transformed the struggling clothes boutique called Diosa, and turned it into a thriving business with a new name. The fashion store is now known as Girl Like Me, and with a new name came new customers.

The owner of Girl Like Me, Gemma, said having Mary Portas on her side and the team from Secret Shopper was a dream come true. Now, thanks to Channel 4 and Mary Portas, Gemma has given an interview on her experience with the Channel 4 show and how Mary Portas helped to turn her fortunes around.

Gemma, how did you feel when you were contacted by Channel 4 about appearing on the Secret Shopper show?
I was extremely surprised when I received the phone call. To be honest I really thought it was from a hoax caller.

Have you ever considered contacting such a show for help?
I have never considered contacting shows, as I thought that I would not be successful. So, I was really surprised to receive the call from the Production Company.

When you opened your business in 2012, what were your plans for the business?
To be honest, I just wanted the boutique to be successful; I wanted it to be known for selling the type of clothes that most young ladies would want to wear.

Did you achieve any of those plans?
I think I have achieved some of these plans; my customers are always commenting that the items are unusual and they like the type of clothes I sell.

What did you find you struggled with the most before Mary Portas got involved with your business?
I used to try to please everyone by selling clothes for both the older ladies, and clothes for the younger ones, but when Mary Portas got involved, she told me that I should concentrate on the younger ladies.

Were you nervous when you first met Mary Portas?
Yes, because I was not expecting her on that particular occasion therefore, I was really surprised to see her. She was very firm but lovely.

Did Mary Portas change any of your product line?
No, she did not change any of the product line as such, but she told me that I need to find my target age group and stock clothes for them.

Since your business has been transformed, how has customer feedback been?
Customer feedback back has been excellent for the younger age group; they love the clothes and the look of the new boutique. Also, the older women who are trendy love the new look.

Did you agree with all the choices that Mary Portas suggested?
I do like most of the changes that Mary suggested

When you started your business, the boutique was called Diosa, how do you feel about the new name of Girl Like Me?
I love the new name, I think as Mary said, the boutique is mine and it's all about me, therefore, why not call it Girl Like Me!

Would you advise another business to appear on the show?
Yes definitely, it was a wonderful experience, I had a fantastic time filming and I met so many interesting people. As a result, my boutique has undergone an amazing transformation which has enhanced the whole shopping experience for my customers.

For young women who would like to see the transformation for themselves, can visit the store at 80, High Street, Penge, London, and receive a warm welcome from Gemma.

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Girl Like Me is a fashion Boutique for young women who would like to look fashionable for a fraction of the price.

Note: Gemma is more than happy to answer questions and give interviews about her experience with Channel 4 and the Secret Shopper show. For media contact details, please see below.

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