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Chanrong Technology Co., Ltd. Tell You Inverter Welding Machine or AC Welding Machine, Which Is Better


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- The welding machine using inverter technology is already a very mature technology, which has been developing rapidly and spread in China. So what is the difference or advantage of inverter welding machine compared to ordinary AC welding machine?

1. AC power has no choice but to reduce product costs in the face of brutal price competition on the market, the products on the market have no copper core, which use copper-clad aluminum products to replace copper core, confuse authenticity and reduce costs; or selling aluminum core products to seize market share. The result of deceiving the user is the loss of existing clients.

2. The first thing to consider when buying something is the cost and performance ratio. The performance and cost of inverter welding machine is much higher than ordinary welding machine. And the capability of inverter welding machine is very practical for us, such as energy-saving. The Inverter MIG/MAG Welding Machine is 40% energy-saving than the ordinary welding machine. If you use high-power welding, such as: NBC-500 type gas shielded arc welding, the efficiency is 1: 6, which will replace the manual welding, energy-saving, saving staff. And other advantages of inverter welding machine such as over current protection, difficult to damage, reduce maintenance time, and extend the useful life, which in turn saves money.

3. Compared with AC power, DC power can provide a stable and smooth arc droplet transfer. Once the arc is ignited, the DC arc can maintain continuous combustion; while using AC power supply for welding, since change of the current and the voltage, and the arc will be re-ignited and extinguished for 120 times per second, the arc cannot be continuously and stably combust. In the case of low welding current, DC arc has good wetting for molten weld metal, and can regulate the weld size, so it is very suitable for welding thin pieces. DC power supply is more suitable for and vertical welding than AC power supply, because the DC arc is shorter.

4. But sometimes DC arc blow is a prominent issue; the solution is converted into AC power. For AC and DC welding electrode designed for AC or DC power supply welding, the vast majority of welding applications have the best effect under the DC power supply. In manual arc welding, the AC welding machine and some of its attachments are inexpensive, which can avoid the harmful effects of arc force as possible. But in addition to the lower cost of equipment, the effect of using the AC welding is less than DC power supply.

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