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Chaosmap Adds Direct Response Education Marketing to Its Search Marketing Toolkit

Mass marketing or branding is a waste of advertising and marketing dollars. Direct response marketing coupled with education and bite-sized drips of information and targeted messaging wins the game.


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- When companies engage in marketing a common question gets raised: "what is the marketing budget".

This is an incorrect approach. While large well-known companies like Nike, GM and Coca-Cola have massive marketing and advertising dollars to inject into a hope-and-pray marketing scheme, most businesses cannot do this.

Ask instead what specific audience that is being served, with what unique message and which special offer. Additionally, what can be offered as educational materials that are fun, informative and causes prospects to want to take further action while displaying a company as an expert in the field.

"Direct response marketing and education is the new way of communicating, attracting and reaching a more targeted audience with a specific message that draws prospects and customers in naturally", says Chaosmap founder Jon Rognerud.

"When companies present a directed informational message that resonates with what prospects are already thinking, and that answers a problem they are having, marketing campaigns just works better", Mr. Rognerud continues. "If at the same time they promote a specific call to action and with an offer to get something useful and helpful for free, the marketing dollars can get a much higher return on investment", he says.

Ensuring a tight connection between the message, the market and the media channel that companies communicate across, are the real keys to success with any online and offline marketing campaigns.

When implementing direct response driven campaigns, companies benefit directly when they:
- track each response with a designated code from a media channel
- measure the impact of the advertisement or placement of a web asset (web page, landing page, blog, video, etc)
- engage the reader with a compelling headline that is unique, urgent, useful and ultra-specific
- address the conversation that is already going on the readers mind
- create a compelling message around an urgency to take action now
- ask for the visitor to actually do something (the direct response)
- measure cost per click to earnings per click

When companies add a unique messaging to their target audience with a sense of urgency, they will get a much higher response.

Add to this a follow-up framework via auto-responders and email marketing campaigns of unconverted leads, and they have a powerful system to potentially doubling or tripling business revenue much faster.

Companies should drop the brand recognition and become a lead generating machine instead. Continue to provide the audience with quality products, services and relationship-building strategies.

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ChaosMap was founded on the Value First philosophy: strategy, education, information, analysis and subsequent implementation of solutions that help lift a brand online and its bottom line profits. Providing the Value First model combines technology competence with marketing strategy and digital creativity. It helps to remove the mystery out of Internet marketing. Furthermore, it sets the right expectations for a long term partnership.

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