The Magic Cube

Charge Up the Brain Cells with This Attractive Looking Magic Cube

Visually appealing, cognitively challenging, this little companion wards off boredom!


Shenzhen, Bantian District -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- The Rubik's cube is undeniably a classic favorite of those who wish to indulge in a cognitive challenge from time to time. That said some Rubik's cubes can be monotonous looking and can also seem drab after a while. A more creative and visually appealing counterpart to the conventional Rubik's Cube is the Magic Cube, Formula Cube 3x3x3.

This cube takes its inspiration from the original Rubik's Cube but, is evolved, attractive and ergonomic.

The most striking feature of this cube is its elegant appearance that is enhanced by attractive PVC stickers. The cube is made out of high quality ABS plastic material which makes it durable and sturdy and also, safe to play with.

As a 3-layer cube, the Magic Cube is challenging enough yet inviting at the same time. The smooth rotations of the cube make it hard to put it down. It is slick and swift, the solid cross cores which are part of the design make it easy to work with unlike traditional cubes that are hard to rotate and also, don't feel very good in the hands. As the cube is attractive and, compact, it can be tossed into a briefcase, a handbag or a schoolbag.

It is a companion that replaces the urge to stay glued to the screen, whether it is playing video games or watching TV. This cube forces us to think out of the box and develop quick decision making abilities. It recharges our brain cells and therefore, is perfect to take along to the doctor's office, to the bus stop or to work wherever there is waiting involved.

About the Magic Cube
The Magic cube is the new age Rubik's Cube only better not just in the way it looks but, also in the way it feels and seems. The best thing about this cube is that it is suitable for any age group. From toddlers to seniors, there is something about this cube that speaks to the creative side of a vast majority of people.

Indestructible and easy to use, this cube is every Rubik's cube lover's dream come true. The sleek design, with attractive colors makes this cube a sure winner. To know more about the cube and order one right away, please click on the link,

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