Chargetek Announces a New Line of DC-DC Battery Chargers

The new line of chargers is specifically designed for renewable energy applications


Camarillo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Chargetek Inc., Announces a new line of dc-dc battery chargers designed primarily for the on board vehicle, LED lighting, photovoltaic (PV) applications and other renewable energy applications. The use and requirements for dc-dc chargers has grown exponentially in recent years, mainly from equipment now standard on vehicles and trailers, remote utility installations, satellite communication sites and village power. For monitoring the health and status of the charger and battery remotely, optional relay contacts or opto-coupler signals are available and can be customized per customer requirements.

Utilizing dc-dc chargers avoids the unnecessary conventional power processing steps of DC to AC conversion requiring the use of inverters to provide the AC power for conventional AC/DC battery chargers. DC conversion is required in many very demanding and harsh environments, as they are exposed to extreme temperature, pollutants, vibration, water, salt and fungus. To address these environmental challenges, Chargetek waterproof series are fully potted to form a hermetic enclosure, providing total protection from these elements.

For flexibility to accommodate the large selection of batteries presently available, the chargers can be factory programmed for both lead based (AGM. SLA. Maintenance free for example) and also lithium based battery chemistries. The input/output voltage combinations range from 10VDC - 400VDC, with a maximum output power of 350W. The power conversion efficiency, which is critical in these applications, exceeds 90% for most models.

A design derivative of the dc-dc charger line is Chargetek’s new multi bank charger, which has all the electrical attributes of the dc-dc line and is sealed from the environment and requires no fan cooling. Ten batteries can be charged and monitored independently and concurrently.

The multi bank charger is an ideal solution for law enforcement, emergency services, oil and gas drilling, vehicle fleets, battery restoration and battery storage. Each charging bank has an easy-to-read LED bar display indicating charging voltage and current, a state of charge and other LED indicators. Each bank also has an equalization routine which significantly prolongs battery life and capacity. All banks are fully independent and isolated with no common ground between any of the banks. The multi bank charger is available with a five bank or ten bank option. Multiple banks can be paralleled for additional output current for larger batteries.

In addition to our new product introduction, Chargetek is pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic alliance with Potential Difference Inc. PDI is a clean technology company that has developed a patented and rigorously tested algorithm for applications requiring rapid and safe charging of batteries. Target markets include electric passenger and industrial vehicles, solar and wind farms, consumer and mobile devices. Chargetek’s alliance with PDI provides the means to secure a position as an early mover and dominant player in these burgeoning markets.

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