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Charity Fund for Veterans Never Forgotten Hero's, Inc. Encourages Public to Help Forgotten Veterans


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc., a charity that provides immediate assistance to honorably discharged veterans and their families, recently encouraged the public to support their goal of helping veterans secure better opportunities. The organization is currently involved with two campaigns: assisting with the Peyton High School Student Council’s campaign for safe driving, and financially supporting military veterans and families through commissions gained through a travel website.

According to an article on the Never Forgotten Heroes website, military veterans across the United States experience tough living conditions when they return home. Many veterans face many economic, social, and educational hardships as they begin to get back on their feet. As a result, NFH’s mission is to give the forgotten veterans a second chance by providing immediate assistance to honorably discharged veterans, spouses of honorably discharged veterans, and their families.

“Our mission is simple: to serve those who have served us,” stated the article. It also also went on to explain that Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc. is always committed to doing what it can do to help and support the United States’ brave service men and women.

“We are dedicated to helping each individual and their families reach their potential by encouraging wholesome habits, supporting their material needs, and encouraging a dynamic pursuit of advancement opportunities.”

At this time, Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc. accepts monetary donations through mail, PayPal, and all major credit cards. The charity also welcomes the support of volunteers at its events. Anyone who wishes to volunteer with Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc. can fill out the form available on the charity’s website.

Individuals interested in learning more about Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc. and its mission can visit the charity’s website for additional information. Visitors are also welcome to contact the website with questions about its services and subscribe to its Twitter account for frequent updates.

About Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc.
Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc. (NFH) is an innovative and cutting edge 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that exists to organize a positive environment contributing to an improved quality of life for veterans and their families. Specifically, NFH is committed to connecting veterans to educational resources and bridging the educational and economic gap they experience following their service. The organization’s projects, implemented by an experienced staff, emphasize overall development and change individuals from the inside out; it gives veterans access to the resources, guidance, and hope to help them build a better foundation from which they may secure future opportunities. For more information, please visit http://neverforgottenheros.org