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Charles Block, Attorney at Law, Now Representing Simple Assault Cases in New Jersey

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Voorhees, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- When an individual or group of individuals are involved in a fight or attack, they can find themselves facing assault charges and see their lives spinning out of control. A simple assault charge could result in a hefty fine, probation, or even a jail sentence of up to six months. This can have a serious impact on the professional and personal aspect of a person’s life. To help his clients obtain a favorable outcome in court, Charles Block, a premier defense attorney in New Jersey, is pleased to announce he will now be representing simple assault cases this winter.

It is important to retain an attorney that will work with their clients, analyze all angles of the situation, and present the best possible case in the court of law. Charles Block will be in constant communication with his clients so they are aware of the proceedings, as well as the case the prosecution is presenting. There are multiple charges that could be filed, ranging from attempt, causing bodily injury, recklessly causing bodily injury, or negligently causing bodily injury with the use of a deadly weapon. Depending on the severity of the assault, other charges may be filed as well. This can damage the public image of any individual and it is imperative an attorney be retained so a simple assault can be taken off a permanent record.

When hiring Charles Block for representation in a simple assault case in New Jersey, clients can be assured they are getting the proper representation. He will work diligently and treat every case with the highest level of importance. Charles Block will fight for his client’s rights, and with their livelihood on the line, he will work for an expungement or, at the very least, get the charges reduced so his clients can return to normalcy. For more information about his services, or to receive a free initial consultation for a simple assault case, please call 856-753-1893 or visit his website today.

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Charles Block has been practicing law since 1984 and has practiced in many areas of law such as criminal law, juvenile law, DUI/DWI, traffic law, real estate law and expungements. He is proud to have been serving those in South Jersey for over 29 years. He knows how misrepresentation can affect someone’s everyday life and will work his hardest on each and every case with a free initial consultation and flat fees are offered in most cases.

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