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Charles Block Is Now Offering Defense for DUI/DWI and Other Alcohol Related Crimes


Voorhees, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- As everyone knows the biggest drinking day of the year has just past, the night before Thanksgiving, and with that comes DUI check points. While nobody likes to think about getting caught for drinking and driving the reality of it is that a large number of people will. Charles Block, Attorney at Law is now offering defense for DUI and DWI in Camden County NJ and other alcohol related crimes.

The holiday season is the biggest time of the year for alcohol related crimes whether it be public drunkenness, drunk and disorderly, or DUI/DWI. Counties make a ton of money through these crimes in the way of fines. Apart from costing a lot of money, the affects that alcohol related crimes can have on one’s life can be staggering. From loss of license, loss of job, and possible incarceration the attorneys at Charles Block know that these cases are a serious matter.

While some attorneys don’t fight diligently enough to even give their clients a chance, Charles Block not only stands up for his clients but fights their charges aggressively. What some other criminal DUI Glouster county NJ attorneys don’t understand is that these charges can be defended when given the proper attention. Issues such as being pulled over without a good reason, the police officer's training with the Alco-test machine, if the Alco-test machine was properly calibrated, the time frame from when a person drank until the time they were tested at the police station and many other extremely relevant issues can all lead to a dismissal, a drastic reduction, or at the very least a better end result for a person’s charges.

About Charles Block
A general law practitioner since 1984, Charles Block, Attorney at Law, has knowledge in the field of real estate law and has handled hundreds of municipal court cases. A devoted Attorney in NJ, he is committed to giving each client the personal attention he or she deserves. He is sensitive to each client’s special circumstances, and will do his best to close each case as quickly as possible. Mr. Block is dedicated to providing his professional services for a reasonable cost. He also offers a free initial consultation and flat fees are offered in most cases.

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