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Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- For 2012 Jason Ramsey of CGR Creative in Charlotte is Emphasizing style to work together with ranking. Mr. Ramsey’s creative web design firm has a renewed effort to make sure that our clients will have the right image to show clients when their customer find them online. What good is top notch SEO work if the customer leaves with the wrong impression? With skill in CSS there is no aspect of on page SEO that cannot be done in a transparent way. A lot of people can “do SEO” to some degree, and some will even put the work expert in their title when doing so, but then why is it so obvious?

If you can’t implement all of the on page aspects, titles, image descriptions and in line linking in such a way that does not detract from the cosmetic then you have still more to learn.

Anyone calling themselves an expert should be able to create professional visuals on a page while still getting the code they require for SEO practices. We put this first in our overall inbound marketing strategy in Charlotte. CGR Creative’s Todd Kron has prioritized this thinking in his SEO team when looking to create a sales funnel for clients that gets them found and impresses a client from start to finish.

Part of “making a sale” is ranking and the other part is providing a page, once found, that will live up to what the person searching requires to continue down the funnel.

While this keyword stuffed paragraph in the top of the code might help you rank it will do more harm than good in the long run.

Do you want your girlfriend coming over with you just woke up and look a mess? Do you want your family to visit when your house is a mess?

Do you want potential clients and inevitable word of mouth marketers coming to your site because it is top ranked and then deciding that your company is unprofessional due to a website that suggests it?

I agree it is all about ranking, but SEO is the key to the door only and it should be done with a skilled hand that makes it transparent on an already attractive website. If you cannot implement what you want to accomplish with keywords and code inside of a web design that sells your image then you are missing half of the point of selling online.

“When you do thing right, people won’t know you have done anything at all.”

And this line is the difference between SEO and the most skilled SEO’s and inbound marketers.

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