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Charlotte Headache Center Announces Treatments That Truly Cure Migraines

Treatment plans eliminate the root causes of most migraines and related pains, says founder


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- According to the US Center for Disease Control, almost 25 percent of women and 10 percent of men experience migraines and other pains in their head, jaw, and neck areas. The World Health Organization notes that the disability caused by severe headaches is significant enough to steal more productive years from the world's people than illnesses such as diabetes. With facts like this in mind, the Dr. Robert L. Harrell, founder of the Charlotte Headache Center ( announces the Center's treatments for migraine headaches and related pain.

"There is no need to continue suffering from headache pain," says Center founder Dr. Robert L. Harrell. "Many people are used to being told their pain is 'just a headache,' but here at the Headache Center, we know how debilitating this pain actually is. Sufferers can be bedridden by this type of agony, and it is often bad enough to cause nausea as well."

We asked Dr. Harrell if specialized treatment is a good idea for patients who have severe headaches but don't believe that they qualify as migraines. "Absolutely," he assured us. "Any type of pain that's bad enough to lower one's quality of life should be treated. Plus, many head pains are mistaken as regular headaches when they actually are migraines. Migraines come in so many forms that it takes professional diagnosis to be sure of their nature and of which treatments will work best."

Next, we asked how Dr. Harrell, who started his professional life as a dentist, decided to move into the area of migraine headache treatment ( He informed us that every so often, he would see patients who would complain of headache and jaw pain that other doctors hadn't been able to treat. After this occurred often enough, he began to work on new treatment methods aimed at these specific problems.

"I learned that most treatment plans overlooked the role of the jaw, mouth, and bite alignment. However, problems in these areas often cause pains that are felt as headaches, neck pain, or both. By focusing on these areas, my treatments address root causes that aren't even touched by therapies that focus on the part that is currently hurting. Once these underlying problems are fixed, the head pain goes away."

"Even better, fixing the mechanical problems causing the headaches provides a real cure," Dr. Harrell continued. "There will be no need for a patient to take strong painkillers to 'manage' headache pain once the underlying issues have been corrected. Needless to say, this is a much healthier approach to migraine control."

About Charlotte Headache Center
The Charlotte Headache Center uses treatment methods designed to eliminate the root problems that cause migraines, other headaches, and other pains in the head and neck area. These methods eliminate the pain without forcing patients to spend their lives on strong painkilling drugs. The Center also treats related problems such as TMJ disorders, ear pain, and neck pain.