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Charlotte NC Tree Service Offers Innovative Test to Detect Stability of Trees


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2015 -- Treescapeâ„¢ is a full-service arborist and land management service operating in Charlotte, NC., offering tree service and inspection, tree removal, landscaping and stump grinding services.

Treescape is introducing a new service for the detection of tree health and stability. Tree limbs, branches and trunks can become unstable due to cracks caused by storms or the weight of heavy snow and ice, or even water saturation from heavy rains. Rot and decay of older or diseased trees also creates a potential for instability. Leaning trees and trees with root decay are additional causes of weakness.

Trees that are unstable pose a health and safety hazard. A large branch, or an entire tree, can cause serious damage when it falls, causing personal injury or property damage. Powerful storms can cause devastation due to the effect they have on trees which are already weakened. Houses and cars are always under a severe threat of being crushed by an unstable tree near the house. Whether it is in the lawn, the back yard or bit farther away onto the road side, it should be inspected by a professional who can determine its health and level of risk due to instability.

Decay, cracks in roots or trunks and any other signs of weakness in a tree demand the diagnosis of its strength using the trademarked Resistograph® test that is currently the most advanced test available for tree diagnostics. The test gives a scientific measurement of the quality of the wood and is able to detect decay, cracks and cavities in the tree. This gives the arborist information critical in deciding whether or not a tree can withstand harsh winds and other stresses. Based on the findings, recommendations can be made for pruning or removal of damaged and unstable trees.

Tree service, including tree trimming and removal is the specialty of Treescape in Charlotte NC, who have been in the business for three generations. The company provides tree removal services to both residential and commercial customers in addition to municipal clients. The reliability of a tree, including its strength and remaining life, can be measured using the Resistograph test. These tests make it easier to decide whether or not a tree poses a safety hazard.

Flooding, windstorms, excessive rains and the like do not come with a warning; therefore it is very important to have trees inspected by a certified arborist after every three years so that they do not become a source of hazard.

For three generations, the Treescape experts have been in the business of taking care of trees, whether they are residentially or commercially placed. For more information, please visit our website at: or call: (704) 598-6641.

Certification: International Society of Arboriculture

Memberships: Tree Care Industry Association; International Society of Arboriculture

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