Joe Bragg Launches in-Depth User Reviews of the Best Juicers on the Market


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Smoothies and fruit juices are currently more popular than ever, with an explosion in brands like Innocent providing authentic, healthy alternatives to soft-drinks that are high in artificial sugars and additives. As a result of this popularity, many individuals are now seeking to be able to create smoothies and juices in their own home from freshly bought fruits and vegetables. However, this of course can’t be achieved without a quality juicer or blender. Charlotte’s Vineyard is a new website launched to give in depth reviews of high-end juicers and blenders to allow consumers to make informed decisions about the products currently on the market.

The website takes the form of a cleanly designed blog, with high quality original editorials written about each major release across several manufacturers. The reviews take the form of anecdotal, experiential qualitative analyses, including many of the possible reasons and contexts for juicing at home, such as a healthier lifestyle to combat high cholesterol. A list of the product’s features is then given, followed by long-form descriptions of the stand-out features, such as a low RPM impellor press system that prevents nutrients being degraded in the juicing process. A weighing up of the pros and cons is then done in bullet point form to appraise readers of a summary of the points made before a final verdict is given.

A spokesperson for Charlotte’s Vineyard explained, “We have composed our juicer reviews based not on detailed technical specifications that can be difficult to understand for people without a degree in engineering, but on the practical everyday use of the item and how its features affect its performance and output. We want everyone who visits our site to be able to form their own opinion on what they feel is the best juicer for them, but we also make recommendations ourselves in an editorial capacity for those who wish to be advised. We’re very conscious that these high-end juicers comprise quite an investment, so we aim to ensure we provide enough insight to make the right choice.”

About Charlotte’s Vineyard
Charlotte’s Vineyard is a new site providing in-depth reviews for higher end blenders and juicers, aimed at those interested in making healthy food, smoothies, and juices at home. New items are reviewed every week as new products are released, and all reviews include information on usability, price, quality of output and features. For more information please visit: