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Chasing The High: Fearless New Book Exposes 'Free & Legal' Secrets to Life's Ultimate High; The Awakening to One's True Self

Following four decades searching for Truth and finally grasping it, author Nalin Kotari’s life-changing new book is now poised to take thousands of readers to that high from which they’ll never come down. It’s a place free of suffering and full of freedom, peace and joy. At a time when planet Earth desperately needs healing, Kotari’s wisdom proves that it all starts with individual awakenings.


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Everyone wants to “get high on life”, often as an antidote to suffering. Nalin Kotari spent four decades searching for the Ultimate Reality, the only remedy she intuitively knew would end her chase after highs, and she came to a bold conclusion; the obsession with getting high on life and drugs actually holds us back from rapture.

Kotari eventually discovered that awakening to her True Self provided an unparalleled ‘high’. It’s legal, free and the only side-effect is ecstasy! In her compelling new book, Kotari shows the way to this place void of suffering and full of freedom, peace and joy.

‘Chasing the High and The Ecstasy of Coming Down’ guides readers to their natural Divine state of being; to realize the essence of life, death, and love; learn how to shed ego; rid themselves of disappointments and grasp how psychedelics can be helpful in finding the Ultimate Reality.

“Since the beginning of time, spiritual teachers around the globe have taught us that only through an awakened presence is our capacity to save planet Earth and all who breathe upon it made possible,” explains Kotari. “But the problem is that most people spend their lives in an ego-dense state; searching for manufactured euphoria that does nothing to heal personal suffering or the world-at-large.

My book guides anyone toward their own awakening. Becoming aware of what we are provides life-long satisfaction. This is what liberation really looks like.”

Continuing, “I spent forty-years searching for it and, like many, turned to alcohol and other escapes for life’s ‘highs’. I finally discovered the One Spirit that we all are, and what followed was an inexhaustible harmony; a bliss untouched by and beyond the ups and downs of life.”

The book was deliberately crafted to be applicable to just about anyone who is deeply longing for change. Those new to the spiritual path will appreciate Kotari’s guidance through the jungle of seductive pitfalls intrinsic to the spiritual journey. At the same time, those who have been seekers for many years, but are still not awake to their True Nature, can gain new hope, clarity and enthusiasm back into their practice.

Pre-release reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Jason Orowitz comments, “This book is a concise and thorough guide to your path toward Awakening. It is full of great information while speaking with a down to earth tone that is accessible to all.”

Michael Hynes, a Senior Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong instructor, adds, “Chasing the High addresses many common traps one will encounter on the path to wholeness.”

Ali Hoffmaster, a nutritionist and yoga instructor writes, “Nalin Kotari has created a beautiful treasure for the genuine seeker of true health - guiding you to an awakened whole being."

Those interested in undergoing the powerful transformation of awakening are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Chasing the High and The Ecstasy of Coming Down’ is due for imminent release.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.chasingthehigh.org

About Nalin Kotari
"In my early teens I founded my own “religion,” I decided I believed in Truth. Forty years later, after many heartbreaking traumas testing my devotion, I awakened to my True Self. Since that moment, my frequent depressions and draw to chemically induced highs have vanished. I wrote ‘Chasing the High and the Ecstasy of Coming Down’ for you who are yearning to awaken at any expense. The world needs you."