Chasing Waves

Chasing Waves by Kenji Croman

Anyone who loves photography, and especially ocean art, would have definitely heard of Kenji Croman.


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Anyone who loves photography, and especially ocean art, would have definitely heard of Kenji Croman. This famous photographer has won many accolades for his praiseworthy photography of waves, and his passion and seriousness about the type of work that he does. Many artists and photograph experts have agreed that his work goes beyond what is ordinary and that it is well worth the high acclaim that it has received. There are many projects that he has undertaken, all of with go beyond one’s imagination to capture waves in their best form in a way that leaves the mind amazed.

Kenji Croman’s photography has led to him being featured in many major magazines as well as shows, and his pictures are very highly in demand. In order to further expand his horizons and exposure to capturing the world’s best waves, he next plans to travel to South America on the Chasing Waves project. It is believed that the ocean and waves in South America are untouched and more beautiful than their well-known counterparts, and Kenji Croman plans to explore the beauty of nature in its full force, over there. He also plans to explore metal printing in order to truly bring out the beauty of these waves to the best degree.

There are a number of people who truly appreciate art, who are pledging to back this project of Chasing Waves and are coming out in support of Kenji Croman. If you would like to take a look at more details about this project and what is involved, you can log in to This website will help you understand the real goals behind this project and what Kenji Croman hopes to accomplish by means of it. If you are a person who appreciates art and photography, you can pledge, too, to support this project just as many others have. While the artist is not putting forth a donation plea, all supporters of his work will be rewarded and exclusive project updates will be provided. The work of Kenji Croman has received wide acclaim for no simple reasons. This creative wave photographer truly knows his work and his skills in capturing the best waves is bound to lead him on from success to even higher success.

About Kenji Croman
Kenji Croman is a professional, yet creative wave photographer from Hawaii. He believes firmly in the voice of art and his work has received wide acclaim. Chasing Waves is a project that aims at capturing the beauty of South American waves in all their glory as they have never been captured before on film. For those who can back the project and help him kickstart it, he offers rewards from his work. While this is not a charity plea, he does accept assistance from those who value the true meaning of art and photography and would also like it to shine.