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Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties Provides Advice to Individuals and Landlords on Reducing Their Carbon Footprint


Greater Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- The rising tides of environmental concerns have had their impact on the property market. The world is moving towards being more environmentally friendly and Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties aspires to lead the change through promoting awareness and the sale of green properties within the UK. Their vision is to raise awareness to property developers and ensure that environmental considerations are taken into account during the planning and design stage. As part of the drive, Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties encourages building companies to construct more homes with materials that are both sustainable and recyclable.

Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties caters to the public who are looking for new Eco-friendly homes as well as to those who wish to improve their homes whilst conforming to environmental safety. They have identified that the carbon footprint of an area can be reduced by an increasing the level of Eco-friendly additions to homes. In the same regard, Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties is a central database of all homes for sale that are built with recyclable materials. Since many of these new homes are generally constructed with recycled timber, this decreases the costs and doesn't require any more trees to be cut down.

Houses listed by Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties are built with an emphasis of increasing light into a property by increasing the number of windows. They are therefore constructed with double glazing which also helps minimize heat loss. The same applies to home heating systems as most home owners are moving towards Eco-friendly heating techniques like solar, water and geothermal energy.

In addition to encouraging the public to invest in Eco-friendly properties, they have also taken in upon themselves to educate the public on how to convert their existing homes into an Eco-friendly residence. The company provides consultation on smart meters, lights and appliances, water management, heating and insulation. A senior spokesperson from Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties briefed the media about the company's initiatives: "The entire concept behind our Eco-friendly property services is taking the first steps to achieving our ultimate vision of a greener planet."

About Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties
Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties is a unique property company that promotes green living and connects clients to greener homes.

The company is based out of Wigan, Greater Manchester within the UK.

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Company name: Chastleton Eco-Friendly Properties
Address: Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom