ChatArabs.Com Succeeds in Attracting Arab Americans Since Its Launch in the Summer of 2012


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- Since it launched in the summer of 2012, succeeded in attracting Arab Americans specifically, and Arabs from all around the world generally to its Arabic voice chat website.

"Our goal was to create a friendly social platform to connect arab americnas in an Arabic chat cyber space", Toni M said. Surprisingly, when we visited the Arab chat, we found out that not only arabic users are joining, but Americans too were a part of the conversation that was going on in the Arabic voice chat. Michael, who visited Egypt was having a conversation on mic with other members sharing his experience when he visited the pyramids with his wife 2 years ago, he even knew some arabic words.

"Being proud Arab Americans made us feel obligated to show the world that we are a part of America, by bringing Arabs and Americans together to our social voice chat to exchange cultures and kill stereotypes.We have doctors,engineers,businesssmen,teachers and many other skilled professionals that contribute to this world generally and America specifically" ChatArabs's Administrator added.

As a part of it's effort to keep the Arabic chat as friendly as possible, we have noticed that they prohibit politics and religion talk, when we asked the Administrator of the site about the reason, he mentioned that politics and religion are the number one reason of hate and wars."We are here to bring people closer together and making friends,not enemies.These topics are number one reason for all conflicts around the world" for more info, visit

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