Chatimity Reinvents Chat Rooms, Crossing 1 Million Users

Chatimity has revived chat rooms as a popular people discovery platform. Recently it has hit one million users mark and launched a new user interface for its popular Android app.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- In the early days of Internet chat rooms, in particular Yahoo Chat Rooms, used to be the most vibrant places on Internet. People could join in lively conversations on any topic of interested at any time and interact with new people and quite often become friends with someone on the other side of globe.

Old chat rooms went down in popularity due to bots, miscreants and old technology, while new social sites like Facebook and Twitter emerged. These sites, however, either restrict themselves to existing friend network or use asymmetric conversations models, which fall short when you are looking to meet with new people. Facebook recognizes this and has been working on Chat Rooms feature, which was in news recently.

Chatimity, founded by two ex-Googlers, recognized this need early on and launched Chat Rooms with some crucial modifications. Key change being a unique Nice Points system, that tracked user behavior and rewarded well-behaving users and detected and purged off bad behaving ones using advanced algorithms based on content and social signals.

The app has grown in popularity to become the best chat rooms on Internet and crossed 1 million users recently and Chatimity now is a free online chatting place to meet with new people and make new friends.

At this milestone the company has given the product a facelift with a new user interface (UI) that is fresh, clean and easy to use. It also brings to the forefront people discovery features like asynchronous posting on topics of interest, searching by interests and locations and friend suggestions based on user’s profile. The new UI has been rolled out first for Android.

A spokesperson for Chatimity explained, “Chatimity has become the best place on Internet to make new friends. It caters to users from 155 countries and has excellent user retention metrics. 90% of our users are repeat, 250k of them monthly active and spending 60 million minutes a month on the app. Our USP “Nice Points” system has really helped us in keeping interactions on the app well behaved. The new UI upgrade is geared towards helping users easily discover new people around their interests and location and make new friends.”

About Chatimity
Chatimity is a chat application available on Android, iOS and web application. This application allows people to interact with new people and make new friends. Chatimity rewards users with “Nice Points” for good behavior, which helps them make more friends easily. Every user is rated on past behavior in one of the "Nice Colors" making it easy for other users to choose people to interact with. This unique automated moderation system for encouraging good and staving off bad behavior is responsible for one of the nicest communities on the Internet. For more information, please visit