Seo Experts Proves to Be the Perfect Omegle Alternative


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- The internet is undoubtedly the most used mediums by people from all over the globe especially teenagers and students. These days, one of the major attractions of the Internet is a social networking and probably every second Internet user is part of it. Chatting is another thing apart from social networking that is quite popular on the Internet. Though the era of conventional messengers are looking like to be on the ending note and other new age messengers have taken its place.

That particular reason forced the social networking websites to actually add the chatting bar into their websites. But social networking seems to be not everybody’s thing. Several people like to stay anonymous and want to meet complete strangers from different locations and belongings and get to know their culture and traditions. That very idea gave birth to video social network. The video social network allows the individuals to meet new people from different places and background and also keeps the identity a secret of the individuals until they choose to disclose it while chatting.

Omegle is one of the first video social networks that appeared on the Internet and gained popularity. It works on the same principle as other video social networks i.e. anonymous video chat. With the advancement in technology people are experiencing every day, they get aware everyday and as a result of it they look for a better version or an alternative of whatever they are using.

To all those who are looking for a change and want to experience an Omegle alternative, then they all should check out Chattino is probably the best alternative to Omegle, so anybody who is looking for a change and want to experience something new with some more added features then they definitely should give it a try.

Chattino is better than Omegle in many aspects, of which one of the major things is that chattino fulfills the basic criteria of meeting with strangers; while on the other hand Omegle does that too but it links the Facebook profile as well to fetch the interests and likes and finds people based on the similar interests. With Chattino, one can do more video chat and IM. Chattino allows its users to play games with each other and enjoy their heart out while with Omegle one can only stick to the video chat and IM. There are many others things that make different from similar niche websites of which being social, sharing stuff, capturing pictures, and making videos are some.

About is a video social networking website that is of German origin. Chattino is however different than many others of its kind mainly because of the new features that no other video social networking website has.

Claudio Chattino