ApplenMicro - the Best Chatroulette Alternative Launches


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Chatting is an entertainment known to man since the internet has been given in his hands. People use chatting for both leisure and for information transfer. Whatever the reason for it may be, it has always continued fascinated mankind with fast information travel and contracting distances. There are websites working to provide chatting services to people all over the world.

After the emergence of in 2009 the concept of anonymous video chatting came at large. Chatroulette is basically a video social network and perhaps the first of its kind where people meet anonymous people from all over the world and that’s exactly where the excitement begins, which is to get to know new people and make friends. It sounds pretty simple and it really is, almost the perfect way to get to know random people from all over the globe. As Chatroulette attracted huge audience from all over the world, many other companies decided to use the same algorithm and after that many services went live. As said, there are now many alternatives available to Chatroulette and are doing fairly good, in fact, encouraged more companies after looking at the increased number of users coming towards video social networking. One of them is, a German based video social networking website that is almost a perfect alternative to Chatroulette. provides free text chat services to the people who use this network. Text chat is very helpful to convey messages when either the internet connectivity is down or the content is present in a written form. Text can easily be pasted to the text boxes and sent to the recipients. It does not require a very fast internet connection while using it. Games are also present on the website as those who visit the site can enjoy. Videos serve as an entertainment and the radio application is also available on the website.

Chatting live over the webcam is also a popular trend these days and several people are tuning in to that. Webcam Chat got popular when people began to feel a need to see the people they talk to over the internet. This mode of communication is very effective while undertaking a meeting. Several people can join an online chat making it a group video talk. Several people feel fascinated getting to know people from other areas of the world. They simply access a person and they can talk to them over a Webcam Chat. People who are dating with each other can use webcam chatting services to better know the other person before going out with them.

About is a German origin video social networking website. Chattino works on the same principle as Chatroulette but has several of its own features make it more attractive and more fun to use. For more info, watch this Youtube Video.

Claudio Chattino
Scottsdale, AZ