Chau Nguyen Is Named as America's Hottest Young Speaker on College Dating & Relationships

Looking to book an outstanding and engaging speaker for your next college event? Chau Nguyen is your guy. For someone so young, he is widely recognized as one of America's most engaging speakers. His content is nothing short of amazing!


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Leaving high school and going into college means much more than just taking harder classes, you are now faced with a lot more freedom and responsibilities.

Unfortunately, that means when it comes to the art of dating and relationships there has traditionally not been much guidance.

Chau Nguyen is easily one of America’s hottest young speakers about college dating and relationships. His energetic style is filled with great information that is not lectured, but instead delivered in a straightforward, personal way. He’s also the easiest speaker you’ll ever work with, just give him a mic and an audience and he’s ready to go.

Hear Chau relates personal, knowledgeable information about relationships that can change your perspective entirely about the dating scene. He “gets” college students because he talks to them, not at them.

What separates Chau from the rest of those who speak on issues like dating and relationships is that he really cares about students, taking to them with vital information that can prevent a great deal of mistakes and misunderstandings that are the bane of college life for so many students.

Here’s a great example of Chau at work when he addresses a question from Lisa, a student from Stanford. The short video features Chau Nguyen in his no-nonsense talk. No high tech gear. Just a webcam and his voice. He’s being straightforward, easy going and right on target with great info that answers Lisa’s question while being engaging and entertaining.

The ease in which Chau speaks about dating, relationships, sex and many other situations is quite remarkable for a man who is just leaving the college years himself. But this is what makes him so special, so uniquely qualified to talk about dating, relationships and how to understand what the “other” person’s intentions are in having a relationship.

You can feel the energy and excitement Chau brings to a crowd when he speaks. His open, engaging personality is infectious as he speaks intelligently and very matter of fact about the college dating and relationship scene. His approach is universal as both boys and girls will understand and relate to the information that Chau brings to the audience.

Perhaps Chau’s greatest strength is his ability to answer questions on the spot with answers that are direct and straightforward wrapped in a personal easy going style that everyone can relate. There are no walls, no condescension, no feeling of being talked down to at all. There is only the honest talk from one of the more personable speakers to visit college campuses in quite a while.

With so many collage age students having so many questions when it comes to relationships, Chau Nguyen is the man with the answers. He is here to talk to your students about subjects they need to know more about in a relaxed, fun way that will have your students entertained and informed all at the same time.

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You can see actual testimonials from people he’s worked with, find valuable information and see why this young man is so in demand on collage campuses around the country.

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